Bridgestone 2014 Tour B330-S Golf Ball

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Like its predecessors, the 2014 Tour B330-S has the same4-piece construction with soft Dual Dimple Technology and provides tourlevel performance and spin. Yet, recently, Bridgestone' engineers had a"eureka moment!" They discovered a prototype with water in its golfball core formulation produced 30% more graduation. This increaseallowed for greater spin reduction from the inner and outer region ofthe core and produces longer distance and improved accuracy. Hydro CoreTechnology is optimized for high-swing amateurs above 105 mph. The 2014Tour B330-S Golf Ball is going to excite those golfers seeking maximumgreenside spin.


  • Added Spin Control And Feel
  • Hydro Core Technology
  • Tour Proven Distance
  • Dual Dimple Technology
  • Advanced 4-Piece Urethane