Cobra S3 Driver (460cc)

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E9 Face Technology™ creates a 30% larger Sweet Zone® and with Adjustable Flight Technology consistently delivers long distance and accuracy.

"We tested thousands of golfers and found that they hit the ball in an elliptical pattern across the driver face, not just around the center like everyone thinks."


For avid golfers looking for superior distance and accuracy with ball flight optimization.


Titanium 6-4 head and face with aluminum hosel sleeve

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A taller, elliptical face and beveled perimeter create a 30% larger Sweet Zone® for increased distance, accuracy and forgiveness.

Adjustable Flight Technology (AFT)

Three simple face-angle settings (Open, Neutral and Closed) optimize ball flight for increased distance and improved accuracy.

Elliptical Face and Beveled Perimeter

Test results show that 99% of the shots hit by golfers miss the center of the face in a canted, elliptical pattern from low heel to high toe. So it only made sense to design a taller and more elliptical face shape to mirror those mis-hits. Doing this gives golfers more distance, accuracy and forgiveness where they hit most offen. We also added a new beveled perimeter to reduce the overall thickness of the clubface, shifting weight low and back to give golfers the ideal launch and distance.

A Smarter SweetZOne

Since golfers hit different irons in different places on the face, wecreated a progressive Sweet Zone across the set. The Sweet Zone changesfrom elliptical in the long irons to circular in the short irons. Thisgive each individual iron the ability to provide the kind of distance,feel, forgiveness and accuracy that golfers are looking for from theirirons.