Emotion Caddy Electric e2 Cart

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Runs at your speed, rain or shine.

The e2 is designed for the purist; the golfer who wants to walk and only think about the game. It is a thouroughly modern update of the traditional 2-wheel caddy. It features all of the latest emotion technology, including the petented sensor grip. Simply pull the caddy and it will follow you everywhere on the course without any further thought. No need to worry about switches of dials. The powerful patented "cogless" motors do all the work with no stress or strain on your hand or arm. At 22 pounds, including the battery, the e2 will allow you to concentrate on the game and play the way golf was meant to be.

Technology Innovations

The technology in each eMotion-caddy is the result of 30 years of electronic and software engineering experience from one of the leading engineering companies in Germany. The eMotion caddies were designed and developed by Dr. Rolf Strothmann, an avid golfer and world famous engineer. The idea was simple, bring together the best designs, best materials and latest technology to create the lightest, easiest to use, most advanced caddyon the market.The technology is cutting edge; each part designed to be used in the eMotion line of caddies. From the patented "cog-less" electric motors in each wheel providing smooth, silent, and powerful operation without any gears or drivelines to wear out and make noise, to the patented sensor in the grip, allowing the eMotion to effortlessly follow your every movement; no buttons or dials to worry about. From the simple, lightweight, folding frame that allows the eMotion-caddy to fold down to a size to fit in any car, to the Lithium Magnesium battery that is lightweight and powerful, and can be recharged over 1,700 times. Each part of the eMotion-caddy was custom designed and manufactured in Germany to provide many years of trouble-free service.

Emotion Caddy Electric e2 Cart

It's easily collapses down to fit in your luggage.

What good is an electric cart if you need an engineering degree, a fork lift and a pickup truck to take it with you? If you are like most golfers, you enjoy playing at different courses. If your electric cart is not easy to take with you, than it is not keeping up with your lifestyle. The e-motion caddy was designed to keep up with the most active golfer's lifestyle. At 22 pounds (including the battery), the e-motion caddy is the lightest on the market. It easily folds down into a compact size that will fit in even the smallest sports car's trunk. The e-motion caddies are designed to easily keep up with the most active lifestyle.

The frame is made of a combination of super light extruded aluminum and high strength fiberglass reinforced injection molded plastic. The design is not only light but exactly palces the center of gravity over the wheel/motors to maximize balance and traction in all conditions

Emotion Caddy Electric e2 Cart

Emotions Lifestyle battery.

The battery that powers the eMotion caddy is a technological marvel in itself. Designed especially for eMotion, it offers the latest Lithium Manganese technology and provides an unequaled level of consistent power throughout the round. The battery has no memory effect and features an extremely low resting discharge rate allowing you to fully charge it at home and take the eMotion on a trip ready for the first round without the worry of having to recharge.

The driving force.

The patented wheel/motors are the driving force of the eMotion caddy. Each wheel is actually a highly sophisticated 9 inch diameter electric motor. It is specifically designed to be able to move smoothly and silently from a standstill to a quick pace, forward or backward, all without the pulsing common to electric motors. There are no gears or drive lines to wear out or make noise.

Simple handle? Hardly.

From the outside, the eMotion caddy’s handle looks like a simple handle, but nothing could be further from the truth. The handle contains a high-tech sensor that controls every movement of the eMotion caddy. With a light touch, it senses where you want to go and how fast, speeding up and slowing down with you, all without interfering with your game.

It's secure.

Each eMotion caddy comes with a built-in anti-theft device to provide security for the high-tech features and components. The eMotion caddy comes with a security key to turn it on. Just like a car key each key is unique, assuring your eMotion caddy can only be used by you.

It's all included.

Each e-Motion caddy comes with a complete package of everything you will need to bring a new dimension of enjoyment to your golf game. This package includes a handy travel cover to make transporting your caddy anywhere a breeze. It also included a battery charger to make sure you are ready for each round as well as a removable score card holder. To make using your caddy the first time easier there is a detailed owner's manual. Finally it includes the security key to lock your caddy and our state of the art battery.

Travel Cover

The eMotion travel cover is made of heavy duty ballistic nylon for maximum protection and years of service. In addition to room for the caddy, it features pockets for the battery, the battery charger and owner’s manual. A handy shoulder strap and multiple handles make carrying the caddy easy. There are also 2 pockets for shoes or other items.

Card Holder

The scorecard holder is an easy to use and features a patented removable clamp. It has room for a score card, pencil and balls and can be secured and removed from the caddy in a snap.

Security Key

Also included is the unique security key to lock the caddy. This makes the caddy unusable for anyone without the key.


The caddy includes the eMotion Lithium Magnesium battery for many years of trouble free service. Its state of the art construction and materials are safe with no memory effect and last for over 1,000 recharges.

Battery Charger

The eMotion battery charger is manufactured in German and specially made to be used with the eMotion caddy. It features a custom plug in that allow it to be plugged into the battery or directly into the caddy to charge the battery.

Owners Manual/DVD

The package also includes a complete guide to using the eMotion caddy. It fully and simply explains the setup and use making it easy to enjoy the caddy the first time. It also includes a DVD on set up and using the eMotion caddy.