Fourteen MT 28 V5 T.S. Black Finish Wedge

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The highly engineered MT-28V5 T.S Wedge Series was Developed with extraordinary feedback garnered from the various American Profesional Tours. This input helped the design team to produce a wedge that promotes versatility from any lie as well as a solid shot throughout the sing. It also features the signature Fourteen Golf "reverse tapered blade" design.

Reverse Taper Blade Design
Over the past several years, Fourteen Golf has enjoyed tremendous Tour success as well as culivated essential Tour relationships. he company is thrilled to introduce this new wedge with its "Reverse Taper Design" to the players out on the Tour. They particularly will benefit from the modifications and overall club head weight and balance.

The MT-28 V5 T.S. Wedge provides versatility, an important element to the complete player. It can also perform and execute solid shots on any given lie; unplayable rough, super soft bunkers, or even tough turf conditions. Whether playing a full or half shot these wedges promote an easy and stable execution as the club’s weight steadies the shot throughout the swing.

Tour Sole Selections
Now, the Tour Professional can choose a MT-28 V5 T.S. Wedge based on their own style of play and technique. FOURTEEN GOLF has developed both a 58 and 60 degree wedge with two new distinct types of soles.

  • New H Sole The H Sole has been engineered for variety and control. It’s entire sole portion is flat with a slight heel and toe relief to enable shot management in any type of situation. For a low bounce, open the club face or for a high bounce simply close it.
  • New M Sole This professionally inspired and tested sole features a slight ridge on the bottom center of the sole. This precisely positioned crest optimizes the M Sole. When a golfer opens the club face it utilizes the back portion of the sole while closing the face uses the front sole portion. This newly appointed element or modification provides easy control of the club face and optimizes the bounce. In addition to the high variety of shots this wedge can produce, professionals will appreciate the profile of the M Sole.

Face Shape The club head is slightly rounded and its leading edge is visually attractive. It also denotes an ease of use. Whether the highly engineered club face is open or close, it instills confidence and provides versatility.

Mirror-Face Milling
"Mirror-Face Milling" adds to the workability and spin of the trapezoidal shaped grooves. It actually mills the grooves to become sharper which creates more spin and stability for every shot. This additional procedure takes twice the time to mill the club face but is a critical component to the club’s overall performance.