Fourteen RM-11 Forged Nickel Chrome Wedge

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Fourteen Golf adds another weapon to their short game arsenal- the RM-11. Its name derived from the measurement of "revolutions per minute." The enlarged grooves impart such exceptional spin and rotational speed that the design team thought it only appropriate.

Expanded Grooves Size For Additional Spin With Control
The new USGA conforming Fourteen Golf trapezoidal grooves have been enlarged by 15% as compared to its predecessor. This increase in overall groove volume enhances spin retention particularly on partial shots. These new grooves have been tested on the PGA Tour and the Pros all agreed, the RM-11 Wedges with their soft feeling head combined with uniquely shaped larger grooves provide extraordinary control, incomparable spin and precision like accuracy.

Mirror Face Milling For Consistent Spin Performance
To ensure optimal spin with precision and tighter tolerances, Fourteen Golf mirror mills each groove. This additional procedure takes an enormous amount of time but it is done to achieve and attain the highest spin performance possible.

Tour Head Shapes Vary According To Lofts
(Sole) - The RM-11 Series of Wedges features a different sole shape according to a specific loft. The 48-degree loft is designed for optimum performance and control with a full shot. Where the 56 and 58-degree lofts are engineered to employ or take advantage of the bounce with an approach shot. The 60-degree wedge is designed to assist with a high lob shot.

(Face and Lie Angle) - The leading edge is relatively straight but slightly rounded to give the impression of wrapping the ball on each shot. Professionals and amateur golfers alike will appreciate the versatility these wedges provide. For a solid and pure shot the engineers designed the lie angle to be slightly upright and made it 64 degrees (for 56-60 degree models)

FOURTEEN GOLF'S Signature Reverse Muscle Design
Touring Professionals appreciated the original "reverse taper design" so the engineers used it as a platform but increased the weight distribution on the upper blade to create a "reverse muscle design." In effect, the weight now is perfectly proportioned on the blade and club head which creates stability through impact

Material - Nickel Chrome Molybdenum
FOURTEEN GOLF utilized nickel chrome molybdenum steel for the RM-11 Wedges because of its durability and resistance to wear. This specialized material allows the high quality ? high performance trapezoidal grooves to stay in perfect condition which ensures optimum performance.