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Adams Idea A7 OS Individual Iron

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The future of iron sets here today. Our best and most versatile game-improvement set ever. Our patented gapping technology optimizes each part of the iron set to outperform traditional irons. You'll see increased distance, improved launch conditions and easy-to-hit plyability from the entire set.



3-5 Hybrids

Mid-high launch, easy-to-hit with more distance.

  • Ultra thin crown lowers CG.
  • 44 gram heel and toe perimeter weighting maximizes forgiveness.
  • Thin face increases ball speed.
  • Draw based with new rounded shaping.

6 & 7 Mid-Hybrids

Increased distance and forgiveness, optimized launch conditions.

  • High launch with increased spin.
  • Back weighting and four-way cambered sole maximizes forgiveness.
  • H-back™ channel vibration dampening system.
8-PW Short-Irons

Very easy-to-hit with features that are both forgiving and versatile.

  • Lowest and deepest CG.
  • Quad-cavity heel & toe perimeter weighting for feel and forgivess.

Model Loft (°) Lie Angle (°) Length (") Swing Weight (G) Swing Weight (S) Hand Flex Bounce (°)
2 Hybrid 17 58.5 41.25 D1 NA R R, S, A NA
3 Hybrid 19 59.25 40.5 D1 NA R, L R, S, A NA
4 Hybrid 22 60 39.75 D1 NA R, L R, S, A NA
5 Hybrid 25 60.75 39 D1 NA R, L R, S, A NA
6 Hybrid 28 61.25 38.25 D1 D2 R, L R, S, A NA
7 Hybrid 32 62.25 37.5 D1 D2 R, L R, S, A NA
8 36 63 36.75 D1 D2 R, L R, S, A NA
9 40 63.75 36 D1 D2 R, L R, S, A NA
PW 44 64 35.75" D2 D3 R, L R, S, A NA
GW 49.5 64 35.5 D2 D3 R, L R, S, A 6
SW 54.5 64 35.5 D3 D4 R, L R, S, A 10
LW 59 64 35.25 D3 D4 R, L R, S, A 5

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