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Adams Speedline F10 Driver (460cc)

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The new Speedline FAST 10 Ddriver was developed with our patent pendig, aerodynamic shaping and uses he most advanced science available for golf club designers today, including FEA simulation, CFD analysis and actual wind tunnel tesing.

  • 3rd generation of advanced aerodynamic shaping for more speed and more distance.
  • Toe curvature increased 100% and heel curvature reduced 300% for even more efficient and stable airflow around the club head.
  • Stable airflow translates to 10% less drag and 10% more distance.
  • Faster Club head speed resultsa in faster ball speed for up to 15 more yards in carry distance.
  • With eight tour wins on the major professional tour and three RE/MAX World Long Drive hampionship trophies, Speedline drivers have quicly earned much among success among the professional ranks.


  • 10% LESS DRAG

Loft(°) Lie Angle(°) Length(") Swing Weight Volume Hand Flex
8.5 58 46.125 460cc D2 R X, S, R, A
9.5 58 46.125 460cc D2 R, L X, S, R, A
10.5 58 46.125 460cc D2 R, L X, S, R, A
12.5 58 46.125 460cc D2 R R, A

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