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Adams Speedline Tech Driver (460cc)

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With industry-leading and breakthrough advancements in the new Speedline Tech Driver... things just got personal. The perfect combination of aerodynamic shaping + Fastfit Adjustability + 3DS Face Technology + Lightweight multi-material construction delivers up to 11 more yards of distance and 54% better accuracy. You'll swing it faster, easier and with more confidence than ever before.



We led the way with aerodynamic drivers six generations ago, Speedline Tech feature improved shaping and size that helps this clubhead but through the air faster than even for more distance.

FASTfit Adjustability allows you to quickly tune the clubhead for your individual swing, preferred ball flight.

  • Adjust face angle from standard, open or closed (+/-1") to promote straighter shots for more distance.

3DS face Technology is a change in the bulge and roll of the ideal launch conditions for on-center and off-center hits resulting in 50% improvement in accuracy and more distance.

  • Adams research shows impact typically happens for most golfers at the high toe and low heel areas of the face more than dead center.
  • Using advanced 3D Surfacing (3DS) this new face technology will promote optimal spin and launch not only on-center but also in the high-impact areas of the face.

Utilizing industry-first lightweight materials, Speedline Tech is the best performing easiest-to-swing driver in the tronggame.

Multi-Material Construction

A unique carbon-fiber wing attached to a titanium chassis allows for a large, confidence-inspiring clubhead, with superior sound and ideal launch conditions.

  • Premium, lightweight Matrix RUL 54 features Asymetric Cross-Ply Technology (ACT). This high balance point shaft has a very stable feel throughout swing


Matrix RUL 54

Loft (°) Lie Angle (°) Length (") Volume Swing Weight Hand Flex
8.5 58 46 460cc D2 R A, R, S
9.5 58 46 460cc D2 R, L A, R, S
10.5 58 46 460cc D2 R, L A, R, S
12.5 58 46 460cc D2 R A, R, S

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