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Boccieri Golf Heavy Hybrid

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The new Heavy Hybrids have weight distributed in strategic areas to maximize forgiveness and control. Increased head mass in conjunction with a 50 gram backweight under the grip creates the ideal hybrids for getting out of trouble and hitting the green.

Designed to be a substitute for the long irons in the Heavy Iron set. Increased head mass in conjunction with a 50 gram backweight and a finished length of 40 inches keep the Heavy Hybrid in concert with the Heavy Irons for improved control. We have selected the Aldila NVS Hybrid 85 gram shaft to stay within the correct shaft profile to maintain a consistent feel throughout the set.

The head material is 17-4 Stainless Steel with a 455 face insert.

Full Swing Innovation

All Boccieri Golf clubs are designed with one specific criteria - to improve a golfer’s consistency. The design of the Control Series golf clubs incorporates an increased head weight to maximize force at impact and an exclusive backweight system installed in the grip end of the shaft to raise the balance point for increased club head speed. These perfectly balanced golf clubs improve body mechanics resulting in greater distance and control.

Higher Balance Point

With a head mass just a few grams heavier than a conventional wedge, the Heavy Wedge gets its name from the addition of the tour proven back weighting system found in every club we produce.

Higher Balance Point

Back Weighting System

The 37% higher balance point produced by the back weighting system is the key to improved body mechanics affecting the swing’s plane, tempo, transition, impact and balance. You will be hitting it closer with more control than ever before.

Back Weighting System

Efficient Swing
    Back Swing:
    1. Better on plane takeaway
    2. Set hands more quickly
    3. Smoother transition
    Forward Swing
    1. Holds angle of retention longer
    2. Square face at impact
    3. Full extention through impact
    4. Balanced Finish

20° Loft 23° Loft
3-Iron Replacement 4-Iron Replacement
58.5° Lie Angle 58.5° Lie Angle
40" Length 39.5" Length
Black Glossy Finish Black Glossy Finish
455 Carpenter Steel Face 455 Carpenter Steel Face
17-4 Stainless Steel Body 17-4 Stainless Steel Body
Aldila NVS Hybrid Shaft Aldila NVS Hybrid Shaft
85 Gram Shaft Weight 85 Gram Shaft Weight
2.8° Torque 2.8° Torque
0.370" Tip Diameter 0.370" Tip Diameter
50 Gram Backweight System 50 Gram Backweight System
Regular or Stiff Flex Regular or Stiff Flex
Right Hand Only Right Hand Only

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