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Bridgestone J36 Hybrid Utility Club

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The Bridgestone J36 Hybrid utility club offers better players the ability to get the ball in the air easier and land it softer, than with the traditional long irons, yet, boasts a variety of features to make the club easier to work in any direction. The Bridgestone J36 Hybrid utility clubs feature Bridgestone’s patented weight management technology in the sole of the club head. Through Bridgestone Golf’s proprietary C.A.D. process, weight is repositioned by thinning out club head walls. The weight is then applied to two weight pads that are located internally in the sole. The new J36 Hybrid uses a neutral weighting system, creating high – flying, soft landing shots that can be worked in either direction. In addition, the repositioned weight helps to promote maximum moment – of - inertia resulting in less twisting of the club head at impact even on miss – hits, offering forgiveness that golfers of any skill level appreciate. Another distinguishing feature of the J36 Hybrids is their Progressive Leading Edge design. The series features four different lofts. As loft increases throughout the series, the leading edge gets progressively sharper to prevent the skipping off turf typically associated with higher lofted hybrid clubs. To inspire confidence at address, the face height gets deeper and the width of the sole wider as loft’s increase. Many better players have been hesitant to adopt a hybrid in their bag, because they feel they don’t have the ability to work the ball like they do with a long iron. With the J36 Hybrids Bridgestone have created a club that is easy to get airborne, and still gives the player the option of shaping his shots in any direction, if necessary.

List of Features:

  • Weight pads in sole increases Moment of Inertia(MOI)
  • Progressively sharper leading edge reduce skipping at impact
  • C.A.D. radius sole design limits turf interference
  • 17-4 stainles steel head design
  • Aldila VS Proto 80 Hybrid shaft
  • Square face angle

  • Loft(°) Lie(°) Length(") S/W Torque
    1h-16 58 41 D2 3.0
    2h-19 58.5 40.5 D2 3.0
    3h-22 59 40 D2 3.0
    4h-25 60 39.5 D2 3.0

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