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Callaway Lady Solaire Series Couture Sunglasses

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Fit: Ladies Fashion Med-Large
  • Ergonomic wrap
  • Balanced fit for comfort and performance.
Frame: Fashion Performance
  • Midweight TR90 construction
  • Performance and style
  • Optimum shield lens coverage area.
  • Full wrapped coverage.
LENS: Neox NX14
  • 2nd generation high performance Neox formula
  • Enhanced distance vision
  • Superior depth perception
  • Slightly darker Blue Grey, 14% light transmission

Neox lenses are engineered to adjust to the decreased depth of field caused by most sunglasses. The result is the sharpest and most accurate vision you can get for your game. So you'll see the angles and lines with greater sharpness and accuracy than you will with any other non-prescription pair of sunglasses. Neox lenses block 100% of harmful UV radiation.

Golfers know that ordinary sunglasses, while useful in some instances, can create problem on teh course as well - Such problems include distortion in both color and object sight and decreased depth of field. NEOX Transitions Adaptive Sunwear lenses solve those problems, using technology specifically designed for golfers and other sports enthusiasts.