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Cleveland Launcher DST Hybrid

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The Cleveland Launcher DST hybrids are built around forgiveness and give mid- to high-handicappers a versatile option from the rough, fairway or tee. This 2010 Golf Digest Hot List Gold Medal winner is also very lightweight, making it easier to generate faster swing speeds and more distance with the same amount of effort.


Dual Rail Sole

The sole has two raised portions extending from back to front, elevating the center of the head from the ground and smoothing turf interaction across all lies.

Lightweight Construction

A low overall weight for the club equates to faster swing speeds and more distance.


The black crown and silver face, which extends up into the leading edge of the topline, make for excellent framing of the ball.


The Cleveland DST Launcher hybrids have a mid to high launch profile and are much easier to get the ball into the air consistently than long irons for most high-handicappers. Multiple loft options allow you to pick the right hybrids to fill the gaps in distance you may have.


These hybrids have great forgiveness on miss-hits toward the heel and toe. The more rounded leading edge of the sole decreases the odds of hitting the ball fat and help wayward swing slide through the turf to proper ball contact.


An integral part of finding the right hybrids is which distances you need to bridge the gap between irons and woods. Don’t just guess, get into 2nd Swing Golf and let the 2013 Golf Digest Best 100 Fitters in America help you find the exact clubs you need!

Stock Shaft OPtions

Mitsubishi Ultralite Diamana Red 74 Hybrid Graphite (Senior, Regular, Stiff)    

Loft Steel Length Graphite Length Swing Weight Left Hand
15.5' 1i 40" 41.00" D2 No
18' 2i 39.50" 40.50" D2 Yes
20.5' 3i 39.00" 40.00" D2 Yes
23' 4i 38.50" 39.50" D2 Yes