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Fourteen JC-909 Driver (460cc)

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The combination of precision 4 piece titanium head with 46.5" shaft produces the optimal spin rate, head impact stability, and amazing trajectories. This design also creates the purest feeling driver we have ever produced.


To create optimal trajectory and impact stability, the JC909 has combined the oversized 460cc and a 46.5" shaft which had not been done before. This cutting edge driver provides a smoothest, stable, more ball speed producing club, which creates greater distance for all golfers.

Precisely constructed 4-piece titanium club head Maximizing the oversized head (460cc) and shaft length (46.5") advantages and minimizing the weaknesses, JC909 features greater distance and more consistent patterns for all golfers.

Precisely constructed 4-piece titanium
Precision CG design , producing improved carry yardage nd shot consistency The JC909 was developed by utilizing field testing and computer simulations to discover the precise CG to maximize its impact capabilities. The CG length is 38mm (1.5inches), which is slightly shorter than standard oversized heads, to provide "easy-swing". Positioning 38.5mm (1.52inches) of CG depth creates better shot stability. The 21mm (0.83inches) of CG height allows for the optimal spin rate. As a result of the precision CG design, JC909 is able to take full advantage of the over-sized head and the longer shaft length. CG Length CG Depth MOI 21mm 38mm 38.5mm 4,000g*cm2

High-Black Head Design
By designing the club head with a higher back section, we've helped to level out the players swing by alleviating the problem of dropping the right shoulder. This results in a smoother takeaways, leading to fewer tendencies to open the face, and generating a smoother swing.

Double-Layer Crown Highlight
As the reslut of months dedicated testing, we've employed a double-layer highlight on the back selection of the crown, creating the perception of a smaller and more traditional shaped driver head.