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Fourteen Lady TC 330 Iron Set

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Longest iron ever to be built with such a jaw breaking optimal distance.

Low and deep placement of the CG as well as the wide sole on the TC-330 help increase the distance incredibly. It's not a dream anymore to hit a 175 yard par 3 with a short iron like a 7 iron.

Low CG & Deep CG x Wide sole head
We have designed this TC-330 series to have an even wider sole for longer irons. As of the 2012 market, this iron series has the lowest CG (#5 = 15.9mm) and the deepest CG (#5=7.9mm)

The new pitching wedge:0.65 inches longer to create maximum distance. Pitching wedges in the past have been 36inches. However, in this new TC-330 series, we have elongated it to 0.65 inches and have put in the most suitable shaft for it. A 5 iron has been designed as 39.25 inches and middle to long irons have been adjusted as well to perform well for the proper head speed while creating a lot of distance

  • Merging functionality and feel into the head and face design
    The TC 330 is unique in that long irons have a relatively shallow head shape while shorter irons have a relatively standard shape. The shorter irons look easy to hit when you set up because the face gives off that impression that the ball can be easily hit without any extra effort.

  • CG setting to pure the shot
    In order for almost all shots that we hit to be pure, we designed the club from #4-P to have a CG distance of 37.5mm. No matter what club you have in your hand, that iron shot will produce powerful launches toward the hole.

  • Head spec
    This series was designed for those with a 36-44m/sec head speed so that they can hit consistent iron shots that will soar through the golf course. Super low CG, super deep CG placement, and an incredibly wider sole setting are a triple boost in bringing out the MOI that will enable consistently stable shots.

Club Loft Lie Length
6 25° 61° 38.6"
7 28° 61.5° 37.95"
8 32° 62° 37.3"
9 37° 62.5° 36.65"
PW 42° 63° 36"

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