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Fourteen SF-410 Fairway Wood

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A clasic shaped fairway wood made to help you get the ball up in the air without sacrificing distance.

Design Concept
Modern golf balls are designed so that there is low spin on the ball when a golfer completely executes a full shot. As a result, these golf balls allow golfers to have longer distance on their shots. However, in order to get the optimal distance from these balls, the club head speed has to be fast enough through impact to get the ball higher in the air (especially with a 3 wood), since the ball is harder. Without moderate club head speed, it would be difficult to stabilize shots. As a result, the SF-410 was designed with a low CG, a new loft setting, and a shallow club head design to allow the golf ball to be easily launched high up into the air. With all these new improvements to our fairway wood, we are proud to present to you the SF-410 and we are excited to see your scores improve after each round.

New Loft Setting
We re-analyzed the lofts for each of our past fairway woods and found that in order to achieve both optimal height and spin, we needed to increase the degree of loft on the SF-410 series. We also made the lie angle slightly upright to allow for both forgiveness and an effortless execution of the ball.

Head Design
We designed the SF-410 to have a newly "shallow" club head design in order to provide for an easier launch of the ball without having to put much effort into the shot. Not only is it easy to hit, it looks great at address, which in turn will provide comfort for golfers when setting up to the ball. We’ve also enlarged the MOI; golfers will not be disappointed even if they mishit the ball since they will not produce weak shots, thus reducing the range of errors.

Club Specification
Model Loft(°) Lie(°) Volume Length(")
#3 16 57.5 190cm3 42.5
#5 19 58 175cm3 42
#7 22 58.5 164cm3 41.5
#9 25 59 155cm3 41

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