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Fourteen TC-777 Forged Iron Set

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Soft Forged Irons Designed For Long Hitters

The TC-777 Forged Irons feel exceptionally soft and provide superb control and distance performance. With their classic, yet simple design, these clubs allow golfers to have better distance control, improve their greens in regulation statistics, and drastically lower scores.

Loft and shaft matched for better launch angles

Lofts require a certain amount of head speed in order for the full launch angle to be achieved. The TC-777 Forged Irons have been designed to be strongly lofted because we meticulously studied the relationship between the loft and shaft length and we matched the shaft length according to each head loft to provide the best results. In other words, the shaft has been selected to precisely match the loft of the club. As a result, the ball has a better launch angle and acceleration which allows for more distance control and accuracy. All the clubs in the set, including the middle and long irons are well-balanced, allowing golfers to strike the ball with a more forgiving and consistent launch angle.

Precise CG placement for consistent trajectories

In order to stabilize shot consistency, these soft forged irons have an extremely deep CG (CG depth 4.3 mm). Not only do wide sweet spots allow golfers to hit the ball consistently with more accuracy, they also allow for better distance control which leads to hitting more greens in regulation.

Head shape

These irons have semi goose neck shape with a slight offset. They are designed with a slightly thicker top blade to help make it look more square at address.

Head specifications

A deep CG placement allows golfers with a head speed of 38-44 m/sec to swing with ease. While designing these irons, our main goal was to prioritize stability and consistency. In order to do that, we paid extra attention to the CG placement and the FP value. The FP value creates a better look as the golfer sets up to the ball. These irons inspire confidence in beginners and well as low-handicap, semi-athletic golfers.

Model Loft(°) Lie(°) Length(") N.S.PRO 950GH HT Steel / S N.S.PRO 950GH HT Steel / R
#4 21 60 39 391g / D0.5 386g / D0
#5 24 60.5 38.5 397g / D0.5 393g / D0
#6 27 61 38 402g / D0.5 398g / D0
#7 30 61.5 37.5 409g / D0.5 405g / D0
#8 34 62 37 416g / D0.5 412g / D0
#9 38 62.5 36..5 424g / D1.0 420g / D0.5
P 42 63 36 433g / D1.5 428g / D1
P/A 47 63 35.5 439g / D2 434g / D1.5
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