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Tour Edge Bazooka QLS Hybrid Combo Iron Set

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The QLS Combo perfectly intertwines the hybrids with the irons to eliminate distance gaps between clubs. The hybrids and irons share the same appealing top line to deliver confidence in every club.
With the QLS hybrid golfers get a shallow face, wide-sole design that has a heavy sole and lower center of gravity for higher flying, more forgiving shots. The irons combine a large undercut cavity, shallow face, and super-wide sole so shots fly higher, straighter, and land softer.

Tour Edge Bazooka QLS Hybrid Combo Iron Set

Bazooka QLS Hybrid

  • Ultra-thin .5mm crown allows more weight to be low in the head
  • Super-thin face rockets the ball at impact
  • Heel & toe internal weight pads stabilize the head for straighter shots 

Bazooka QLS Irons

  • Dual-cut sole reduces contact area for crisp shots
  • Super-thin 2.2mm face rockets the ball at impact
  • Undercut cavity and wide sole combine for stability & forgiveness 


Ultra-thin, Shallow Face & Crown Construction - for a low center of gravity that gets shots up quickly
Internal Weight Pads - improve MOI and forgiveness
Heavily-Weighted Sole - for a lower center of gravity and more forgiving shots
Undercut Cavity - places more weight in the sole for greater forgiveness



The QLS hybrid's strategically weighted heavy sole keeps your long iron shots on target from just about any spot on the course.

The QLS deep center of gravity and super-thin face deliver an amazing combination of distance and accuracy.

QLS Hybrid

Model Loft Lie Graphite Length Flex
2 18° 59.5° 40.5" L,A,R,S
3 20° 60° 39.75" L,A,R,S
4 23° 60.5° 39" L,A,R,S
5 26° 61° 38.25" L,A,R,S
6 30° 61.5° 37.75" L,A,R,S

QLS Iron Set
Model Loft Lie  Length Flex
2 18° 60° 39.75" L,A,R,S
3 20° 60.5° 39.25" L,A,R,S
4 23° 61° 38.75" L,A,R,S
5 26° 61.5° 38.25" L,A,R,S
6 30° 62° 37.75" L,A,R,S
7 34° 62.5° 37.25" L,A,R,S
8 38° 63.5° 36.75" L,A,R,S
9 42° 63.5° 36.25" L,A,R,S
PW 46° 64° 35.75" L,A,R,S
AW 50° 64° 35.75" L,A,R,S
SW 55° 64° 35.75" L,A,R,S
LW 60° 64° 35.75" L,A,R,S

Available in men's and women's right and left hand. Lengths listed are men's standard. Ladies standard lengths are -1" from men's standard.

Note: This is for your reference only and does not denote the content of the product.