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TaylorMade Lady SpeedBlade Individual Iron

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The Speed Pocket performs where golfers need it most. Our researchindicates that 72% of shots by 5- to 25-handicappers are impacted belowthe center of the face, which typically results in low-launching shotsof inconsistent distance. The Speed Pocket helps you launch thoselow-impact shots on a consistently higher, longer carrying andsofter-landing flight.

The improved Speed Pocket has been widened and lengthened, givinggolfers more face area toward the toe and heel that promotes a highlaunch angle, strong ball flight and a steep, quick stopping descentangle. The Speed Pocket also features a cut through slot internally,which allows for more flex and rebound on the bottom part of the face,making the SpeedBlade iron set the fastest face TaylorMade has evercreated, measuring right up to USGA COR limit.

Critical to the performance and visual appeal of SpeedBladeirons is their progressive shaping throughout the set. The slendertopline and sole in the short irons promote better workability, feeland control. The long irons feature a bigger topline to inspireconfidence at address, and have each been optimized to promotephenomenal distance as well as fantastic feel and sound, thanks to thevibration-dampening qualities of the Speed Pocket polymer andmulti-material badge.

TaylorMade engineers carefully managed the distance-gaps between eachSpeedBlade iron by meticulously controlling loft, face thickness, CGlocation, shaft characteristics, club-length and, most importantly, thebehavior of the Speed Pocket. The result is a complete iron set thatdelivers balanced and consistent gaps between every club. And asdrivers, fairway woods and Rescue clubs have evolved to deliver moreand more distance, TaylorMade engineers designed SpeedBlade to closethe gap between the longest iron and the shortest metalwood in yourbag.

3 17 60.25 6.3mm 0.5 39.5 D1.5
4 20 61 5.8mm 1.3 38.875 D1.5
5 23 61.75 5.2mm 3.2 38.25 D1.5
6 26.5 62.5 4.5mm 4.1 37.625 D1.5
7 30.5 63.0 3.9mm 4.9 37.0 D1.5
8 34.5 63.5 3.1mm 5.6 36.5 D1.5
9 39.5 64.0 2.5mm 6.0 36.0 D1.5
PW 45 64.5 2.0mm 7.0 35.5 D1.5
AW 50 64.5 1.3mm 8.4 35.5 D2.5
SW 55 64.5 0.9mm 11.5 35.25 D3
LW 60 64.5 0.9mm 6.0 35.0 D4

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