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Adams XTD Forged Hybrid Iron Set

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Unlike traditional forged irons, XTD is a multi-piece forging that boasts the category's first-ever Cut-Thru Slot technology. A floating face and hollow design delivers a consistently faster face, adding forgiveness throughout. Tungsten weights in the sole optimize CG location. Better players who prefer a thin topline design and the feel of a forged iron, will appreciate the easy to hit playability of the XTD Forged Irons.

The full eight-piece set includes a 3- and 4- DHy, currently the top hybrid model on the PGA Tour. It gives the extra distance and forgiveness of a hybrid with the shot-shaping control of a long iron. A unique bulge-and-roll face technology improves shot dispersion.

  • The most advanced forging ever! Forging is 80+ years old and hasn't really changed – until now!
  • Hollow Forged Design allows for the irons to match the face hotness of the hybrids.
  • Only Cut-Thru slot in golf and it's in a forging, creating a consistently faster face.
  • Includes two DHy hybrids, currently the #1 model on the PGA Tour.

3DHy 21 59.50 39.5 D3.0 D1.0 X S R RH /LH
4DHy 24 60 38.75 D3.0 D1.0 X S R RH /LH
3 21 60.25 39 D2.0 D0.0 X S R RH /LH
4 24 60.75 38.5 D2.0 D0.0 X S R RH /LH
5 27 61.25 38 D2.0 D0.0 X S R RH /LH
6 30 61.75 37.5 D2.0 D0.0 X S R RH /LH
7 34 62.25 37 D2.0 D0.0 X S R RH /LH
8 38 62.75 36.5 D2.0 D0.0 X S R RH /LH
9 42 63.25 36 D2.0 D0.0 X S R RH /LH
PW 46 63.5 35.75 D2.0 D0.0 X S R RH /LH
GW 50 64 35.5 D3.0 D1.0 X S R RH /LH
SW 55 64 35.25 D3.0 D1.0 X S R RH
LW 60 64 35 D3.0 D1.0 X S R RH

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