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Bridgestone e7 Golf Ball

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Bridgestone e7 Golf Ball


Golfers with swing speeds around 100 mph who hit the ball fairly straight.


The E7 has the firmest compression of all the E Series golf balls – around 75. This gives the E7 a lower trajectory than the lower compression E5 and E6 golf balls.

Golfers with a swing speed around 100 mph who struggle with control might choose Bridgestone’s E6 for its straightness off the tee. However, golfers with swing speeds in that range who hit the ball fairly straight will get more distance with their driver with the E7 because of its firmer core, which was tweaked to be firmer than the 2011 version.

Like the E6, the E7 has a surlyn cover, which means it won’t spin as much on wedge shots as the E5 or other urethane-covered balls.