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Fourteen RM-12 Chrome Wedge

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Reverse muscle design

We applied the Fourteen original "reverse taper blade" reverse muscle design on this tour model. Because we have heard outstanding reviews from the tour about our past model that used the same design, we wanted to continue that feature and improve the quality of its performance. We wanted this wedge to be able to react well under tough rough conditions and so we modified the taper as well as the upper blade portion to have more weight. These modifications allows the club head to be better controlled and react well under any lie; this wedge will perform well under any type of lie so go ahead and miss those greens!


We also have heard great reviews regarding our new trapezoidal grooves. Because we carve each groove with such meticulous attention, we are able to produce high quality grooves that will perform well under both dry and wet conditions. Even Golfers will be able to see and feel the difference of the new modifications especially under wet conditions when this wedge will spin even in wet sticky rough. Overall, this wedge gives solid spin performance with the consistent amount of spin it needs.

Tour use sole utilization

H sole /48 degree model - 58 degree model

We rounded the tour and heel portion and even got rid of the back portion of the sole. These adjustments lets golfers to open and close the face without having any doubt and will help them try different types of chips that mimic their visual. The RM-12 sole allows golfers to experiment with different chips easily.

T sole / 60 degree model

For the 60 degree model, we utilized the t sole, also known as the twin sole. There is a ridge in the middle portion of the sole, which allows the club to get through any type of lie easily as the leading edge is able to slide under the club effortlessly. When you open the face, the back portion of the sole is used and this also allows the ball to pop up well and you will be able to create great chips that go straight towards the hole. In addition, this design feature will naturally create high spinning approach shots that will make competitors super jealous.

Face shape

The leading edge looks relatively straight, but it actually is slightly rounded so golfers have a better visual of being able to get under or pick up the ball easily. And whether golfers choose to close or open the face, the face shape enables golfers to set up to the ball without any hesitation and go for any chip.

Mirror face milling

At Fourteen, we put double the amount of time to precisely mill the beautiful face of the RM-12. The ball reacts even better and as a result, produces amazing spin performance that will surprise everybody.


Forged nickel chrome molybdenum bronze was used because this material has a very strong resistance. We carefully finished the RM-12 so it will be in the best shape for a long time without too much wear and of course promise solid spin performance.


Nickel chrome non plated half matte finish

The nickel chrome non plated half matte finish prevents glare and makes the wedge look even more beautiful. Golfers will definitely be satisfied not only from its performance, but also its amazing look.

Model Loft(°) Bounce(°) Lie(°) Length(") N.S.950 GH HT / 98g Dynamic Gold / 132g
48/08 48 8 63 35.5 438g / D0 464g / D1.5
50/08 50 8 63.5 35.25 443g / D0.5 469g / D2
52/10 52 10 63.5 35.25 443g / D0.5 469g / D2
54/10 54 10 63.5 35.25 443g / D0.5 469g / D2
56/08 56 8 64 35 449g / D1.5 475g / D3
56/12 56 12 64 35 449g / D1.5 475g / D3
58/08 58 8 64 35 449g / D1.5 475g / D3
58/12 58 12 64 35 449g / D1.5 475g / D3
60/10 60 10 64 35 449g / D1.5 475g / D3
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