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Srixon Lady Soft Feel Golf Ball

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The SOft Feel Lady brings all of the success of Srixon's distance technology to a golf ball specifically designed for women. The super-soft Energetic Gradient Growth core enables low to moderate swing speed golfers to generate impressive ball speed while maintaining excellent feel. The "Hit Straight" alignment aid provides a clear line toward the intended target, putting more fun back into oyour game.

How it Compares

This ball is designed specifically for women, promoting a higher trajectory for greater distance with every club in the bag. the newly engineered super-soft Energentic Gradient Growth core provides a soft feel on all shots from tee to green.

Soft Feel Lady 2-Piece COnstruction

1. Highly resilent soft energetic gradient growth(TM) CORE

2. Pana-tetra enhanced highly resilent ionomer cover