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Yonex EZONE Driver (Head Only - 380cc)

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Tour level feel and performance

  • Promotes low launch & low spin
  • Compact 380cc head
  • For the advanced player
  • Center of gravity close to club face
  • Increased workability

Head construction

  • - Body: 6AI-4V Titanium Precision Casting
  • - Face: SP - 700HM Titanium Plate
  • - Crown: High Intensity Carbon
Core Centre of Gravity Constructin

Developed in Japan and a direct result of the latest technical advances, Core Centre of Gravity technology has the capacity to further a player's game in any direction he or she wishes to take it. EZONE's centre of gravity is aligned with the centre of the club face and the centre of the sweetspot, providing players with new, maximised levels of power and control.

Combined with Nanopreme50EX shaft, EZONE drivers deliver consistent feel, increased performance and greater distance.

The slightly higher and offset position of the center of gravity on the other clubs with a low center of gravity. EzONE's center of gravity is aligned with the center of the face and center of the sweetspot.

Carbon Composite

Carbon composite head realizes lower weight within the club head and shifts the sweetspot to the center of the face.

Titanium Muscle Power Face

The titanium Muscle Power Face varies in thickness between 1.7mm and 3.2mm to ensure maximum ball speed from any point on the surface.