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Mizuno MP-54 Forged Iron Set

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The MP-54 is a thick, powerful Grain Flow Forged iron crafted to awaken the shotmaker in players needing just a little forgiveness.

A deep Milled Pocket Cavity (3-7 iron) delivers stability on off-center strikes, while a heavily bevelled sole ensures cleaner turf interaction and the workability to take your ball striking to the next level.

The pure feel of Mizuno’s one piece Grain Flow Forged 1025E Mild Carbon steel construction is heightened through a Step Muscle design that retains thickness behind impact.

Tech Spec

  • Step Muscle Design: Creates additional thickness behind impact for solid feel.
  • Grain Flow Forged: From a single 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel billet.
  • Milled Pocket Cavity (3-7): Off center stability, higher launch, and a steep landing angle.
  • Solid Muscle Design (8-PW): Enhanced feel and maneuverability.
  • Perimeter Grind: Reduces topline appearance and sole width.
  • Custom Set Make Ups: Available in mixed/combo sets or with MP-H4 long iron alternative.

Shaft Availability:

Grip Availability:
Mizuno M-31 - 0.58, 0.60

Club Loft(°) Lie(°) Off Set("") Bounce(°) Length("") RH/LH
3 21° 59.5° 0.142"" 38.75" RH/LH
4 24° 60.0° 0.134"" 38.25" RH/LH
5 27° 60.5° 0.134"" 37.75" RH/LH
6 30° 61.0° 0.130"" 37.25" RH/LH
7 34° 61.5° 0.126"" 36.75" RH/LH
8 38° 62.0° 0.126"" 36.25" RH/LH
9 42° 62.5° 0.114"" 35.75" RH/LH
PW 46° 63.0° 0.102"" 35.50" RH/LH

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