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Rife IMO Trainer Black Putter

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Identical to the center portion of the IMO it has 100% of thehead mass in a center elongated shape. It is considered "non-conforming" by the USGA beacuse it has a heel to toe measurement that is less (2) than the face to rear measurement (4.60"). It's purpose is to allow a golfer to feel how easy it is to swing on plane when all the weight is on plane as well. As a training device it allows a golfer to focus on swinging naturally along the target line thru the ball to the hole. This virtually eliminates deceleration. The Trainer is also an excellent sales tool at the retail level. It immediately explains the concept. A sales person might say, " The USGA has deemed this illegal beacause it is too easy to use. The IMO is the same putter but it's legal. As you can see they have hollowed out the side wings so 85% of the weight is still lined up behind the ball".
Rife IMO Trainer Black Putter

Material: injection mold aluminum
Face plate: 6061 milled aluminum with RollGrooves
Face plate: 6061 milled aluminum with RollGrooves
Head Weight: 360 grams
Swing Weight @ 35 inches: F3 (Feel Wt. C9)
Shafting: face balanced - mid heel double bend
Lie Angle: 70 degrees
Offset: one half shaft
Grip: Rife custom
Shaft: True Temper w/ flutes
MOI: 4,900 (very high)

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