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Sonocaddie Auto Play GPS

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Sonocaddie AUTO PLAY comes preloaded with available courses so there is nodownloading, no membership, and no computer needed!The large, full-color, daylight viewable screen shows the entire holelayout at a glance, with precise distances, and zooms in on the greenwith multiple landing zone technology.When you get to the golf course, simply select the course and startinghole, and Sonocaddie Auto Play does the rest, advancing to the nexthole as you do.

Preloaded with Available Courses
Here’sthe great news, no more downloading needed! Auto Play eliminates thedownloading process by preloading all available courses. However,because we continually map new courses you can update your course listany time by registering a FREE membership.

Distance Calculator
Areyou curious about your driving distance? Here is a solution for you: byusing Sonocaddie's Mark function you will have a quick and preciseyardage in your hand. Simply press one button after taking the shot,then walk to the landed ball and you will see the result. The Markfunction, of course, may not only be used for the driver but for everyother club as well. It really provides you with an excellent tool toknow your distance for every club you use.

Personalized Course Information
Whatgolfers love about Sonocaddie is that they can make changes orcorrections to the reference points right on the spot. You may changethe given course information, and add or delete some of the referencepoints as the course may change over time.

Green View
Byproviding 2 additional coordinates other than the distance of front,center and back of the green, the yardage will change up and downcontinually until you find your ideal spot. This powerful technologygives you a better chance to choose any point as the perfect landingzone and turn your shot into a beautiful landing. Only Sonocaddie cangive you all the critical information you need and help you swing withconfidence!

Digital Scorecard and Game Analysis
Eliminateyour paper scorecard. The Sonocaddie will automatically calculate thetotal score with the simple touch of a button, so you will easily knowhow you did on the front 9 and the back 9 holes. At the end ofeighteen, Sonocaddie will present a summary of your round, even analyzestatistics and the score with calculated rational and percentage.

Automatic Course Finder
Apowerful and convenient search engine in Golf GPS, Automatic CourseFinder can automatically find and list all the courses within a rangefrom 5 miles to 50 miles. That means you can locate your course righton the spot and don’t have to go through all the courses in your device.