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Srixon Z Steel Fairway Wood

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Here’s the situation. You just hit a great tee shot on that Par 5 that’s always been just out of range in 2. Then you look in your bag and see the new Srixon Z-Steel Fairway Woods and they’re screaming at you to throw caution (or grass) to the wind and have a rip at the green. You should probably listen to them.

That’s because this amazing Fairway Wood has the Impact Power Body technology that is the foundation behind the explosive distance of all of our drivers. The face, sole and backwall of the Z-Steel have varying thicknesses which means the entire head deforms at impact resulting in more power with lower spin. The slightly deeper face profile delivers a hot, penetrating trajectory from the fairway or off the tee.

The Maraging Steel used in the Z-Steel is stronger than conventional stainless steel which means that the engineers could make a thinner, lighter face and use the weight savings to further lower and deepen the center of gravity. So you get ideal launch conditions, explosive velocity and excellent stability through impact.

Club Loft Lie Angle Length
#3+ 12.5?? 57.5?? 42.75"
3 14.5?? 57.5?? 42.75"
5 18.5?? 57.5?? 42.0"