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Tour Edge Exotics XCG-6 Hybrid

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The XCG6 delivers truly extraordinary performance. Featuring a more “pear-shaped” design than its predecessor, the hybrid boasts a maraging steel cup face and a tungsten steel sole and body. Maraging steel is used in the face over stainless steel because it possesses superior strength without losing malleability. As a result, the club face can be made thinner to launch the ball with less spin and at faster ball speeds.

The heavier, tungsten steel sole offers extreme heel and toe weighting that provides a high moment-of-inertia for reduced club head twisting and greater forgiveness. Making every shot easier to hit, the club has a shallow face height and more cambered sole that takes on difficult lies with ease. The XCG6’s hexahedron sole weighting moves weight back into the heel and toe areas further enhancing the playability of the club making it easy to hit, exceptionally long, and deadly accurate.

  • Maraging steel face launches the ball at faster speed with less spin
  • Heavier tungsten sole incorporates extreme heel/toe weighting for greater stability
  • Shallower face height and more cambered sole provide easy-hitting versatility from any lie

Face is made of maraging steel because it is stronger and can be made thinner to launch the ball faster with less spin.

Hexahedron heel & toe sole weighting creates higher moment of inertia for reduced twisting at impact.

Shallower face height and more cambered sole combine to create solid, clean contact from any type of lie


Tour AD 50 Graphite
Matrix Ozik Graphite


Lamkin Exotics R.E.L.