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Tour Edge Exotics XCG Hybrid Iron Set

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Tour Edge Exotics XCG Hybrid Iron Set

The XCG hybrid combines phenomenal control, class-leading power and stylish design in the true Exotics tradition.

Unlike conventional hybrids, the XCG boasts no-weld technology. The titanium cup face and crown are combo-brazed to the hypersteel body and cacuum heat-cured for permanent bonding. This advanced technique eliminates unnecessary weld weight, allowing more weight to be transferred to the sole. the result is extreme stability and a deep center of gravity for higher shots.

Maximizing forgiveness and versatility, the XCG's sole features a four-way radius design which minimizes ground contact and makes the XCG the most easy-to-hit Exotics hybrid ever.

The power and performance of the XCG iron are matched only by their unbelievable feel and responsiveness. The new dual-density dampening system (3DS) ensures both the long irons and short irons deliver the feel you expect from aan Exotics iron. The key to the 3DS system is the dual-density elastomer technology. The dampening system is softer in the scoring irons (7-SW) to produce a smooth, buttery feel and greater spin. In the mid & long irons, a firmer density promotes greater rebound, added distance and a responsive, solid feel.

With the XCG irons, you also get a classic shape that features a thin top-line, progressive offset and a tour heel grind. the heel grind helps reduce turf drag in the rough for consistent contact.

Exotics XCG Hybrid

  • No-weld combo brazing process eliminates weld weight
  • Variable face thickness technology creates maximum rebound
  • Radiused sole design makes the XCG versatile from any lie

Exotics XCG Irons - Experience the feeling of inspiration, power and performance. Experience Exotics XCG.

  • 3DS system delivers ideal performance & feel throughout the set.
  • The iron's heavy sole lowers the center of gravity for longer, higher shots.
  • Tour heel grind helps reduce turf drag in the rough for easier shots.
Tour Edge Exotics XCG Hybrid Iron Set
Model Loft Lie Length Face Angle Flex
2 Hybrid 16° 58° 40" Square L,A,R,S,X
3 Hybrid 18° 58.5° 39.5" Square L,A,R,S,X
4 Hybrid 21° 59° 39" Square L,A,R,S,X
5 Hybrid 24° 59.5° 38.5" Square L,A,R,S,X

Available in Men's and Women's right hand. Lengths lister are Men's standard. Ladies standard are -1" From Men's standard grip is Golf Pride Exotic New Decade Cord.

Club Loft Lie Graphite Length Steel Length
2 18° 60° 39.75" 39.25
3 20° 60.5° 39.25" 38.75
4 23° 61° 38.75" 35.25
5 26° 61.5° 38.25" 37.75
6 29° 62° 37.75" 37.25
7 32° 62.5° 37.25" 36.75
8 36° 63° 36.75" 36.25
9 41° 63.5° 36.25" 35.75
PW 46° 64° 35.75" 35.25
AW 50° 64° 35.75" 35.25
SW 56° 64° 35.75" 35.25

Available in Men's and Women's right hand. Ladies standard are -1". From Men's standard.

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