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Bridgestone True Balance Putter w/ Graphite Shaft

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Bridgestone’s “counter” counter-balanced putter

One of the coolest new putters on the market recently unveiled at the latest PGA Merchandise show is the new True Balance Putter by Bridgestone Golf that received rave reviews at its premier at the show. The new True Balance is truly a putter that STANDS ALONE in that it is so well balanced that - it actually STANDS by itself upright on a reasonably level surface.

Currently being tested by Bridgestone staffs Fred Couples, Davis Love III and Brandt Snedeker the True Balance putter is Bridgestone’s first ever line of putters. But rather than be another counterbalanced putter like many others on the market, the True Balance is designed with an incredibly light 35 gram graphite shaft and a bright yellow 20 gram large or 10 gram small 100% EVA foam grip so that more weight is added in the club head to promote a square face at impact. Bridgestone’s patented technology achieves ideal weight distribution by keeping the balance point less than 5 inches from the sole of the putter.

With its patented weighting technology the True Balance putter is an extremely balanced club with a heavy yet stable clubhead feel. The True Balance features a putter head that swings more freely and naturally squares up to the target, eliminating the most common miss of short putts. The innovative Bridgestone design also provides golfers with an incredible sense of connection and feel with the putter head improving distance control. The design counters heavier steel shafts and rubber grips typically found on the market today.

“It is practically impossible to decelerate with this putter,” states Josh Kinchen, Bridgestone’s golf club and accessories marketing manager. That’s because most of the weight is in the head, and the standard swingweight is F1. “With so much of the weight in the putter head, it’s easy to feel exactly what the head is doing,” co-designer Steve Sacks adds. “With this putter, we believe most golfers will improve their putting on long putts. And they probably won’t miss short putts because they tap the ball rather than stroke it. The putter almost swings itself.”

For Bridgestone performance on which you can count, go against the counterbalance grain, feel the head and control the head for a truly enjoyable putting experience. Give the new True Balance putter a roll. It’s a sure fire standup stand-out superstar of a new putter and one you’ll be proud to have in your game.


  • Stainless Steel Head Construction
  • Dual Layer Grooved Insert provides the perfect combination of feel and roll performance
  • 100% EVA bright yellow foam grip in two options: 20 gram large or 10 gram small
  • Unique Lightweight 100% EVA grip provides the ultimate in comfort, feel, and traction
  • Specially Engineered Lightweight Graphite Shaft provides unmatched feel and user feedback
  • Balance point less than 5" from sole provides incredible feel and connection to the putter head, improving speed and distance control
  • Naturally "gates" through the stroke and squares to the target, eliminating the most common miss of short, right