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Williams F1 FW32 Black Fairway Wood

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The FW32 Black Series Driver is the ultimate in stealth looks and performance. This series features a unique high performance black ion finish. Three key aerodynamic features are use to manage airflow and reduce drag. Gold accenting has been used on various sectors of the club head to create a rich finish that will be desired by the most eccentric golfer without sacrificing performance.

The Black Series (limited to 500 sets) represents the exclusivity of Williams Sports products. This series will feature a high performance Black ion plated finish. This extremely rare and unique finish provides a definite performance advantage to compliment the exquisite look it creates. The graphite material, making it unique in both construction and appearance. The series is created for the golfer whose lifestyle demands excellence without compromise.



Densimet, a new material that is unique to the golf industry, is one of the heaviest metal in the world and is used in the FW32 race car to bring it up to minimum race weight, while also being used to provide additional traction based on the drivers style driving. Traditionally golf manufacturers have used Tungsten for weighting purpose, pushing the limits of technology used in our equipment. This advance in material allows Williams Sports to miximize design capabilities enhanced by the reduced volume need for Densimet.


The Diffuser is a key component in both the FW32 race car and the FW32 driver. By controlling the airflow accross the sole plate of the driver and combining this with the effectiveness of the "Trip", the wake and density of the airflow are minimalised, thus reducing the drag on the club head.


The Winglets manage and control the air flowing around the heel and toe section of the driver, creating a more consistent and stable path throughout the downswing and impact.


The Trip redirects airflow over the crown of the driver to minimise the surface area that is affected by airflow contact.


This specially formulated SP-700 titanium is used in all series of Williams Sports driver. This material is highlighted through its strength and resistance to fatigue. These factors are two very crucial components in modern day oversized driver construction. This formulated SP-700 aid in longer driver and a longer lifespan of the driver due to its molecular make-up.