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Williams F1 FW32 Gold Hybrid

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The FW32 Gold series hybrid represents the technology and lifestyle of the most affluent golfer. This hybrid respresents the highest level of style and technology of any other hybrid. The beautiful paint is compliment by a gold accented face and sole plate along with other accents. To compliment the styling is the technology of a state of the art Formula One race car. The Trip, Winglet and Diffuser are used to signficantly reduce drag while incorporating the use of materials like Densiment to maximize the perimeter weighting and performance. The Gold series hybrid will make you the most advanced and stylish golf on the course.

The Gold Series from Williams Sports was designed specifically for the performance demands of the Asian golfer. This series will share the same material and aerodynamic advancements that are the core foundation of Williams Sports. The Gold Series' most noticeable and recognized difference is the exquisite gold accenting on all exposed metal surfaces. To enhance the performance needs, an ultra-light weight shaft (built to Japanese spec) will be featured. The Gold Series will be the perfect choice for the golfer that is looking for the combination of luxurious styling in an ultra-high performance product.


The Williams FW32 hybrid highlights the advancement of Formula 1 design in aerodynamics and materials, elevating the performance of the FW32 hybrid to a new level. Three key aerodynamic aspects that manage airflow and reduce drag have been directly engineered into the shape.