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Williams F1 FW32 Polesitter Gold Iron Set

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The Gold series Polesitter iron was created for the golfer whotakes their both aspects of their equipment seriously: looks and performance. This iron is precision forged with the highest grade of carbon steel. This set features a completely milled face and grooves to ensure the most accurate finished product. The iron features the Densimet weighting system, derived from Williams F1's use of this material for its extreme weighting qualities. The use of multiple finishes creates a look that will be the envy of any serious player.

The Gold Series from Williams Sports was designed specifically for the performance demands of the Asian golfer. This series will share the same material and aerodynamic advancements that are the core foundation of Williams Sports. The Gold Series' most noticeable and recognized difference is the exquisite gold accenting on all exposed metal surfaces. To enhance the performance needs, an ultra-light weight shaft (built to Japanese spec) will be featured. The Gold Series will be the perfect choice for the golfer that is looking for the combination of luxurious styling in an ultra-high performance product.


The Polesitter iron series was designed with thinner top lines and narrower soles to produce the type of look that better players long for. This iron features Densimet, a Formula 1 specific weighting system that features the second heaviest metal in the world. The combination of precision forging with the Densimet weight systems, produces the feel and playing characteristics that better players long for. The Polesitter iron features Nippon 950 steel shafts and Fujikura flow weighted graphite shafts.


Densimet, a new material that is unique to the golf industry, is one of the heaviest metal in the world and is used in the FW32 race car to bring it up to minimum race weight, while also being used to provide additional traction based on the drivers style driving. Traditionally golf manufacturers have used Tungsten for weighting purpose, pushing the limits of technology used in our equipment. This advance in material allows Williams Sports to miximize design capabilities enhanced by the reduced volume need for Densimet.