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Williams F1 FW32 Qualifier Black Individual Iron

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The Black Series Qualifier irons featuers a multi-material design that is parallel to Formula One material advancement. This cast iron is formulated from Inconel, a material that is used in the exhaust systems of the race cars. This material offers for extreme durability while not compromising the soft feel golfers desire. Densimet is the second material that is unique to this FW32 line of irons. This material is used for perimeter weighting purposes, replacing other traditional metals. The black ion plated finish is used to created a sleek look. Gold accenting is used to bring a subtle amount of luster to a stealthy look.

The Black Series (limited to 500 sets) represents the exclusivity of Williams Sports products. This series will feature a high performance Black ion plated finish. This extremely rare and unique finish provides a definite performance advantage to compliment the exquisite look it creates. The graphite material, making it unique in both construction and appearance. The series is created for the golfer whose lifestyle demands excellence without compromise.


The Qualifier iron series also feature design elements that originated from the Williams team of engineers. This iron is constructed from a material similar to Iconel, which is used in the exhaust systems of the Williams race cars. This material has a molecular structure that provides for exceptional strength and durability, which increase the longevity and durability to golfer, without compromising feel. This iron also incorporates Densimet into its weighting system, used to maximize perimeter and performance weighting capabilities. This iron features either the Nippon 950 steel shaft and the Fujikura flow weighted graphite shaft. The Qualifier Series was designed with all levels of golfers in mind.


Densimet, a new material that is unique to the golf industry, is one of the heaviest metal in the world and is used in the FW32 race car to bring it up to minimum race weight, while also being used to provide additional traction based on the drivers style driving. Traditionally golf manufacturers have used Tungsten for weighting purpose, pushing the limits of technology used in our equipment. This advance in material allows Williams Sports to miximize design capabilities enhanced by the reduced volume need for Densimet.


Inconel is a nickle based material that is used by the Williams F1 team of engineers in their production of exhaust parts for the FW32 race car. Inconel is effective because of its ability to withstand extreme temperature while maintaining its structural integrity. The key benifit that steams from this material is the fact it has a higher tensile strength than stainless steel, but due to its nickle base provides for a softer feel. This material is typically used in a machine or forging application which workds well for golf equipment. All of these key attributes combined provide the reasoning for Williams Sports use of Inconel as its baseline material for the entire Qualifier series of irons.