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Tour Edge Bazooka JMAX Gold Driver (460cc)

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  • Offset hosel allows the clubface to square at impact for straighter drives
  • Higher loft and deeper center of gravity combine to deliver maximum distance
  • 44.5" shaft length provides accurate control off the tee 

Get your 'keep out of jail free' card. That’s what Tour Edge Golf’s new JMAX Gold driver is all about – eliminating trouble and keeping you safe. The 6A4V Titanium JMAX Gold driver makes hitting great tee shots easy. The club features a 15º loft, an offset hosel for less slice, a deep center of gravity, a high moment of inertia (MOI – the club’s ability to resist twisting), and a shorter 44.5” shaft.

The Gold’s deep center of gravity provides greater forgiveness on off-center hits. The offset hosel gives golfers an extra fraction of a second to square and close the club face and eliminate the dreaded slice. The radiused sole design moves more weight to the rear of the club head for a higher MOI and enhanced forgiveness.

For greater control, the Gold’s graphite shaft is shorter than some drivers making it extremely accurate and easy to hit. Plus, the ultra light shaft’s low flex point delivers a high-and quick launch for reduced dispersion and more - accurate shots. With the JMAX Gold driver you can eliminate more of the trouble and stay on the straight and narrow.

Easy Play Technology

  • HIGHER LOFT - Provides slower swinging players with the ideal launch angle.
  • OFFSET HOSEL - Helps square the club face at impact for straighter drives