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Tour Edge Lady Exotics XCG-V Fairway Wood

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Setting a new standard in distance, the XCG-V's titanium cup-face is 25 percent larger than previous models. This engineering advancement creates a bigger hot zone for impressive power even on off-center hits. Consistent with Exotics technology, the V-series also has an extremely low spin rater producing the optimal trajectory and maximizing distance. The unique titanium cup face and hosel design and feature that allows and additional 30 grams of weight to be transferred to the high-density steel sole to deliver unsurpassed feel and responsiveness.

The XCG-V reacts exceptionally well to off-center hits thanks to its perfect weight distribution: 60 percent of the club's weight sits below the ball. This set up is achieved by the heavy high density steel sole plate. Weighting in at 110 grams, the unique v-shape sole shifts more weight to the rear corners of the club head for greater forgiveness. The resulting center of gravity angle is extremely deep and helps the club face square at impact with more force for a quick launch and longer, more accurate shots. By far, the XCG-V has the lowest, deepest center of gravity of any Exotics fairway wood yet.

For Blistering Performance

True to Exotics form, the club's "v-shaped" high density, steel sole plate is combo-brazed to its titanium cup face without welding for a more pure energy transfer. The result of all this advanced technolgoy is nothing short of spectacular.

Get the dynamic control and jaw-dropping distance you want from a fairway wood. Play the XCG-V and take your golf fame to an entirely new level.

Model Loft (°) Lie (°) Graphite Length (") Face Length Flex
3+ WOOD 13 57 43 1° open L, A, R, S, X
3 WOOD* 15 57 43 square L, A, R, S, X
4 WOOD 16.5 58 42.5 square L, A, R, S, X
5 WOOD* 18 58 42 square L, A, R, S, X
7 WOOD 21 59 41 square L, A, R, S, X

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