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Yonex EZONE Composite Iron Set

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Irons that go the distance
Core Centre of Gravity technology means that EZONE composite irons, with their offset club design, deliver control with greater distance. The re-positioning of the centre of gravity establishes the sweetspot across aspecific area of the club face to enhance the quality of the strike. The large sweetspot, combined with the NANOPREME50EX shaft, allowa players to use a shorter iron to achieve the same distance.

This gives players broader on-couse options for amore finely tuned game.

Iron Core Centre of Gravity
Extensive research suggests that positioning the ball slightly towards the heel of the club at address is a common feature of golfers at many levels. The result is ball striking that is predominantly on the extremities of the preferred area of maximum power and control.

Iron Core Centre of Gravity technology re-positions the clib's sweetspot, ensuring more shots are hit as the player intends.

Head Construction;

Body: SUS431 Stainless Precision Casting with Tungsten Insert (#4, #7 only)

Face: AM355 Maraging Steel Precision Casting (Except for AW and SW)

Offset Flow Design
With the usual straight neck short irons players are forced to close the face when hitting the ball. This can lead to mis-hit shorts as players over or under compensate. YONEX's semi-goose neck offset flow design helps gives players a clear view of the ball without having to close the face. This new concept for short irons helps both the Tour player and strong hitters to hold and control the ball.

YONEX's expertise in composite graphite technology has lead to the creation of the new NANOPREME shft- a high intensity, extremely elastic material that provides increased energy transfer and superior shaft stability. The NANOPREME shaft enables faster head speeds and reduced shaft deformation for longer straighter drives.

The NANOPREME shaft optimises the performance of the EZONE series delivering a consistent feel, increased performance and greater distance.