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Yonex Nanospeed i Fairway Wood

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The Yonex Nanospeed I fairway wood features Cup Stack Carbon Nanotubes + Elastic Ti to maximize clubhead speed for explosive distance. Dual Nanoscience technology in the head and shaft, help golfers of all levels hit longer, straighter and more forgiving shots from the fairway, rough or tee. The large headed Nanospeed I fairway wood features a maraging steel clubface, stainless steel body, along with a lightweight nano carbon crown. The Nanospeed I’s oversized 205cc #3 fairway wood clubhead creates a MOI that is normally found on a 350cc driver, making for a longer, more forgiving fairway wood from the fairway, rough or tee. This also allows for a smaller distance gap between driver and #3 wood. The Aero Pentagon head shape allows for an increased Moment of Inertia (MOI) for added forgiveness and less air resistance for "lightning quick" clubhead acceleration and a more consistent swing path.

Elatic Ti Comp - Crown and Shaft
  • Lightweight, high strength, extremely elastic nano titanium alloy that provides added strength and resiliency.
  • Its quick "snap back" characteristic provides added flexibility for increased clubhead speed with unmatched consistency.
Aero Pentagon Head Shape
  • This new head design aloows for weight to be distribute to the far corners of the clubhead increasing the Moment of Inertia (MOI), by reducng both horizontal and vertical clubhead twisting on all mis-hits
  • Compared to conventional clubhead shapes, the Aero Pentagon head design minimizes air resistance swing path resulting in longer distance and better ball dispersion.

Flex Club Loft(°) Lie(° Length(") Head
Reg 3 15 58.5 43 205cc 68g 3.5 Mid D2
Reg 5 18 59.5 42 195cc 66.5g 3.5 Mid D2
Reg 7 21 60.5 41.5 190cc 66g 3.5 Mid D2
Stiff 3 15 58.5 43 205cc 73g 3.4 Mid D2
Stiff 5 18 59.5 42 195cc 71.5g 3.4 Mid D2
Stiff 7 18 60.5 41.5 190cc 71g 3.4 Mid D2
PS(X) 3 15 58.5 43 78g 3.3 Mid D2
Light 3 15 58.5 43 205g 62g 3.8 Mid D2
Light 5 18 59.5 42 195g 60.5g 3.8 Mid D2
Light 7 21 60.5 41.5 190g 60g 3.8 Mid D2

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