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Yonex VMS Hybrid

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Effortless Power

VMS hybrids feature an ultra-thin maraging steel face and 2-way round sole that provides a smooth, swingand clean strike regardless of the lie.

The slightly offset club face makes VMS hybrids easy to hit, getting the ball airborne more easily for more accurate, longer shots.

Mid to high handicap players can replace their long irons with the more forgiving hybrids, improving control and distance at a stroke.

Distance with Control

VMS irons have been meticulously designed and constructed to offer greater power and distance with pecision control.

C-Con Core technology located behind an ultra-thin 3mm face generates maximum power whilst reducing unwanted vibrations for a great feel. The new Power Weight System progressively moves weight from the heel in the long irons (where it helps reduce the tendency to slice) to the toe of the club in the short irons for added protection against hooking.

Through the careful balancing of exclusive technologies, VMS irons provide a built-in defence against the most common short game problems.

The VMS hybrids complement and enhance the irons by offering increased distance and greater versatility. They are easy to hit and designed to help lady golfers get the ball airborne with minimal effort from any lie.

Head Construction
Features a thin powerful Maraging steel face for extra yards whilst the 2-way round sole allows a clean ball strike whatever the lie.

Shaft Composition
HS700 carbon graphite shaft featuring & CFS.

Offset Club Head
Designed to be easier to hit than standard long irons, a slight offset of the club head helps improve accuracy and get the ball airborne more easily.

Head Construction

3mm thin face:
For increased power and a larger sweetspot.

C-Con Core Elastomer insert behind face:
For improved feel, dampening unwanted vibrations and explosive power at impact.

New VM-S irons from Yonex feature a mid-sized Steel head with ultra-thin 3mm face and V-Con Core cavity technology to provide increased power and forgiveness.

Power Weight System:
Reduced slicing on longer irons.Stability through the mid irons.Reduced pulling on short irons.

Shaft Composition

Lightweight Graphite Shaft allows weight to be re-positioned towards the head:
Increases head speeds for improved distance. S, R, SL: HS700 Hi-stability Graphite Shaft with Centrifugal Force System.

Also available in a New Lightweight Dynalite steel shaft- Regular and Stiff flex:
High launch trajectory and greater distances.

Graphite S, R & SL: D0-D1 (D2 for SW throughout)
Steel S, R: D1-D2(D3 for SW throughout)

S: 70.0g / R: 66.0g / SL: 63.0g
Steel: 104.0g

V-Con Core
Inserted behind an ultra thin 3mm face, this Elastomer layer generates maximum power whilst reducing unwanted vibrations for greater feel.

Power Weight System
Weight is positioned towards the heel in the long irons (#4 & #5) to reduce the natural tendency to slice.
Neutral weighting in the mid irons (#6 & #7) allows a solid, accurate strike. The short irons (#8, #9 & PW) have weight positioned towards the toe as a guard against hooking the ball.