Mizuno MP T-10 White Satin Wedge

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Mizuno is proud to introduce the new MP T-10 line of high performance forged wedges featuring high spin Quad Cut Grooves. These new wedges combine Mizuno's patented Grain Flow Forged feel with a Tour confirmed head shape and sole to provide unmatched precision in the short game. The MP T-10 wedges are Grain Flow Forged from 1025E "Pure Select" mild carbon steel to provide the most soft, solid and consistent feel available, while an innovative 360 sole grind and thinner top line deliver maximum shot making versatility and control. The MP T-10 wedges feature all new QUAD CUT GROOVE technology, which enables Mizuno to precisely control the width, depth, draft angle and shoulder radius of each groove to deliver maximum spin control and ball stopping ability in
all playing conditions.

  • QUAD CUT GROOVES™ for Maximum Spin in all conditions
  • Tour confirmed teardrop head shape
  • Patented Grain Flow Forged® 1025E "Pure Select" mild carbon steel for soft, solid, and consistent feel
  • 360 grind top line and sole for shot making versatility
  • Glare resistant Raw Black Satin Finish with rust over time for an exotic, weathered look.
Mizuno MP T-10 Black Satin Wedge

Mizuno's Patented Grain Flow Forging™ process enhances the flow and tightness
of the grains in the metal, maximizing the strength of the clubhead without sacrificing
the soft feel, and ensuring greater consistency from club to club and set to set.

1025 Select Mild Carbon Steel Billet
Our material meets 6 times tighter specs than the industry standard, optimizing softness and strength.

Primary Forging
Primary forging shapes the head and ensures grains are aligned and tightened.

Heat Treatment
Aging the head at elevated temperature optimizes strength and softness.

Precision Forging First Shot
Precision forging ensures precise shape, consistent grain structure, and tight tolerance for precise performance.

Precision Forging Second Shot
Modified U-grooves are hydraulically forged into the clubface for optimal spin rate.

Finished Product
Final polishing and double nickel chrome plating complete the process.

Mizuno MP T-10 Black Satin Wedge