Argolf Lancelot Custom Putter

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Argolf Lancelot Custom Putter

The LANCELOT putter features perfect balance thanks to its Heel-toe weight distribution, which offers great tolerance and more stability at impact. Its half-shaft offset brings greater precision to every putt.

Its milled and grooved face allows the player to caress the ball gently instead of lifting it. The LANCELOT putter, of sleek design, instills confidence from the first putt. It is the lightest blade in the collection and is perfect for players with a slightly arced club path.

This high-performance putter is made in France, from a single piece of stainless steel 304L, developed by the aeronautical industry. The putter is built in the ARGOLF studio located in Jupiter Florida, and adjusted by hand to offer golfers a finish of unparalleled quality

Argolf Lancelot Custom Putter PRODUCT SPECS

Loft (°) Lie (°) Offset Balance / Stoke Type Head Weight Total Weight Face
4 70 1/2 Shaft Mid-Hang / Medium Arc 330g 510g Grooved

Argolf Lancelot Custom Putter Grips

Golf Pride
Model Image
Golf Pride Tour Tradition
Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour
Golf Pride Tour SNSR Straight
Model Image
Winn Medallist Standard Pistol Gray/Red
Winn Midsize Pistol Blue/Red
Super Stroke
Model Image
SuperStroke Flatso White/Black
SuperStroke Flatso Black/White Midnight
SuperStroke Flatso Black/Red Midnight
SuperStroke Flatso Black/Blue Midnight
Super Stroke Slim 3.0 Black
Super Stroke Slim 3.0 Red
Super Stroke Slim 3.0 Blue
Model Image
Lamkin Sink 13- Rounded
Lamkin Sink 13- Squared
Lamkin Flat Cat Standard

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Headcover Weight Kit Grip MSRP
Yes No Argolf Lancelot Stock Grip $278.99
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