Best Wedges For Swing Speed 75-85 & 85-95 MPH

Posted by Shane on Jan 12 2022

One of the hardest things to do in golf is to get all aspects of your game clicking simultaneously. Nothing is more frustrating than finally crushing your drive only to flub the approach shot, or putting together an incredible drive and a solid second shot, only to fly the green on your approach. It seems there comes the point in golfers' game that it's just tough to break through that next milestone, whether it be breaking 100, 90, or the elusive 80.

The key to finding the perfect wedge is understanding where you are with your game currently. For example, high handicap golfers tend to have a little slower swing speed, therefore a more forgiving all-around wedge. In contrast, a mid-handicap golfer with a faster swing speed should look for a wedge that combines shot versatility with spin.

Bounce plays a huge factor in purchasing the perfect wedge. Typically, there are three types Low bounce wedges, mid bounce wedges, and high bounce wedges are the three types of bounce wedges available. Mid bounce wedges, which have a 7-to-10-degree angle and are designed to provide superb control around the greens, are the most commonly used. The angle of high bounce wedges is greater than 10 degrees. High bounce wedges are the greatest for spin control and short game control, and they may be used from tight lies. In addition, a sand wedge with a high bounce is ideal for bunker shots, and most sand wedges have this choice.

The Callaway Golf Mack Daddy CB Wedge is our Top Wedge for Swing Speeds 75-85 MPH

One of Mack Daddy CB's stated goals is to take the guessing out of your short game. Most Higher-handicap players aren't always using their pitching and gap wedges around the green, and let's be honest; they are also not likely to manipulate the face of his higher-lofted wedges. Right now, the goal with any high-handicap golfer is to get the ball on the green, and that's precisely what The Mack Daddy CB wedge can help you do.

Pitching and gap wedge lofts have a complete sole design to accommodate this. The cavity-back design provides plenty of forgiveness without sacrificing how it interacts with the turf. More spin and better performance should be the result.

This is a serious contender for the most refined backspin wedge and should grow with your game as you get the feel of how to spin a ball around the greens. It has a 16-groove layout that provides maximum spin and grooves towards the leading edge at the bottom. The Callaway Golf Mack Daddy Forged wedge is a great club to improve your game and take your game to the next level.

The Titleist Vokey SM8 Wedges are our Top Wedges for Swing Speeds 85-95 MPH

Bob Vokey and the team have designed the SM8 wedges to improve your overall game by focusing on three main areas. Center of Gravity placement (CG), refined sole and grind options, spin milled grooves on the face. By focusing on these three aspects of the wedge, Vokey created three significant game-changing factors built into one wedge.

Distance control, shot versatility, and spin. The CG has been moved forward when compared to other wedges, and in fact, it almost sits at the front of the wedge face. You will notice how much easier it is to square the ball up on every swing by making this tweak.

As your swing progresses, you will need to control the ball better, and the only way to do that is to control the spin. Accuracy around the greens is beyond important, and this club is loaded with Spin Milled grooves, which are engineered to "cut to the edge" and give you the maximum amount of spin if the shot requires it.

Putting all the pieces of your game together to work together is not as hard as it seems… As long as you have the right equipment.

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