Cleveland Launcher HB Halo Hybrid 2020 Women

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Cleveland Launcher HB Halo Hybrid Women

Launcher Halo

Don't fear the rough with the redefined Cleveland Launcher Halo, To Help You launch it from any lie you might encounter, Cleveland's new Gliderail Technology glides seamlessly through the turf for ultimate turf interaction and increased club head at impact. The HiBore Crown promotes a low spin, high launch ball fight, while the variable face insert provides faster ball speeds the entire face. The new Launcher Halo, Step up, and Launch it.

The new Launcher Halo features Gliderails for optimal turf interaction and speed through impact, resulting in more distance, even from the worst lies.

  • GLIDERAILS: Featuring a set of three rails, the leading edge and sole geometries are optimized for improved turf interaction and speed retention.
  • HiBORE CROWN: The redesigned HiBore Crown enables a lower CG position,promoting that ideal low spin, high launch ball flight.
  • HIGH STRENGTH STEEL FACE: Constructed using high strength steel, the variable face insert provides higher COR over a larger impact area leading to increased ball speeds and distance.
Any Shot, Any Lie

We all hit it in the rough, or trees, or fairway bunkers. Don’t sweat it. Now there’s a club that not only gets you out of trouble, but puts you in prime scoring position.

New Gliderails get you out of trouble and in position to score, while the redesigned HiBore Crown delivers ultimate forgiveness with a higher launch. Plus, it’s fast. Our high strength, variable thickness face insert provides explosive ball speed to get you closer to the pin.

It all comes together in one versatile scoring club – Launcher HALO.

  • Cleaner Strikes: Gliderails Deliver
  • Forgiveness: HiBore Crown and HALO Perimeter Weighting Improve
  • Ball Speed: High Strength, Variable Steel Face Increases
Cleaner Strikes

Three distinct Gliderails help you get through the turf at impact, providing the utmost speed and forgiveness regardless of your lie.

Gliderails utilize optimized leading edge and sole geometries for better turf interaction. With the Launcher Halo, Gliderails help retain significantly more speed vs. the previous generation, or the difference between reaching the green or coming up just short.

Higher Launch, More Forgiveness

The enhanced HiBore Crown pushes the center of gravity low and deep, promoting a desired low spin, high launch ball flight. Halo Weighting shifts more weight to the perimeter, improving the MOI for better overall forgiveness.

Compared to traditional crown design, the HiBore Crown lowers the center of gravity by 2.1mm for the Launcher Halo, allowing for that penetrating, high launch ball flight.


The Launcher HALO features a new variable face, which distributes optimal thickness off-center for increased COR across the entire club face for higher ball speeds, even on heel or toe impacts.

The new variable face utilizes a high strength HT1770M steel insert, providing improved distance and ball speed, especially on off-center strikes.

The Launcher HALO showcases increased ball speeds across the entire face, resulting in more distance compared to the Launcher HB Hybrid.


Cleveland Launcher HB Halo Hybrid Women Product Specs

Model Loft Length Lie Angle SW Hand
2H 16° 39 3/4" 60° C7 RH
3H 19° 39 1/4" 60.5° C7 RH
4H 22° 38 3/4" 61° C7 RH

Note: This is for your reference only and does not denote the content of the product.



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