Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Driver 460cc 2020

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Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Driver 460cc

The Launcher HB Turbo Driver delivers more speed off the tee for avid golfers seeking higher, longer, and straighter drives. Available in DRAW and standard models.

  • Turbocharged Cup Face: The new Turbocharged Cup Face, enhanced with a new variable face, provides higher COR over a larger impact area for increased ball speeds and more distance.
  • HiBORE Crown: The redesigned HiBore Crown lowers the center-of-gravity (CG) by 2.2mm, enabling a lower CG position for optimal launch conditions.
  • Deep Weighting: Discretionary mass savings positioned for significant increases to MOI, delivering more speed.
  • Ultralight Hosel: External and internal weight reduction, redistributed low and deep for a higher launch and more forgiveness.
  • Counter Balanced Shaft Design: Specifically designed for the Launcher HB Turbo Driver, the Miyazaki C. Kua’s center of gravity is relocated higher toward the grip, enabling additional head mass for increased MOI.
High, Long, and Straight

Is a driver right for your game if weight in the sole gives you a launch fit for a rocket? What if there’s a sleek new design inspired by speed? Or a Cup Face fast enough for the longest on tour?

This is the redesigned Launcher HB Turbo Driver. It’s everything Launcher has always stood for: high, long, and straight drives. But now, it’s fast. Faster than ever before and perfect for your game.

Forgiveness Made Fast

Launcher has always stood for one thing: launching the ball high and straight. The new Launcher HB Turbo remains committed to that mission with a lighter hosel, improved crown, and deeper weighting. Only now, it’s faster.

A Turbocharged Cup Face, a new variable thickness pattern, a new counterbalanced shaft—it all adds up to faster drives for more distance off every tee.

  • Ball Speed: A Turbocharged Cup Face Amplifies
  • Launch: Weight Savings Deliver a Higher
  • Forgiveness: Deep Weighting Magnifies
  • Momentum: A Counterbalanced Shaft Increases

The ticket to distance is ball speed. That means, to go farther, you need a faster face. So we made a new one, with a variable pattern that adds speed to every drive.

It’s truly turbocharged performance that’s faster off the face for more distance every time you tee it up.

Turbocharge Your Drives

Cup faces are faster. That’s because they stretch along a driver’s crown and sole, creating a perimeter of wafer thin titanium. A structure like this flexes at impact, reflecting energy back into the ball for blinding speed.

But this is a Turbocharged Cup Face, so we took things a step further. We engineered a unique variable thickness pattern that not only makes you faster on center strikes but on every strike, wherever you hit the ball.


For most of us, the formula for more distance is simple: launch it higher. So with Launcher HB Turbo, we couldn’t just make it fast, we also had to crank up the launch. This makes it ideal for a high trajectory that maximizes your distance.


If you’re the golfer who appreciates a towering drive that flies laser straight, then forgiveness is what you’re after. It’s what keeps you out of the trees and in the fairway, and to get you there, we pushed the sole weight back. All the way back.


A heavier driver head has more momentum, so it’s more powerful. But simply adding head weight can make a golf club feel more like a sledge hammer. So, how do you get all the benefits of a heavier head without sacrificing swing feel? A counterbalanced shaft.

Launch It Higher To Go Farther

Our unique HiBore Crown features a prominent step that significantly lowers the center of gravity within the driver head. To push that center of gravity even lower, we made the Ultralight Hosel even lighter, so there’s less mass in a poor position. These weight savings culminate in the new Deep Weighting, our heaviest sole pad yet.

The result is a center of gravity that’s 4.4mm deeper and 2.2mm lower, increasing your launch and maximizing your distance off every tee.

Feels Easy, Goes Faster

Miyazaki engineers some of the world’s most premium graphite shafts. Their latest, the new Miyazaki C. Kua, is a made-in-Japan feat of engineering that will have you swinging for that 350 yd. range marker.

By pulling weight from the length of the shaft and repositioning it on the grip end, Miyazaki makes a shaft that feels incredibly easy to swing. So easy, in fact, that we had the freedom to increase the weight of the driver head. Extra weight in the head means more momentum and better energy transfer at impact.

That makes our fastest driver even faster, and your longest drives even longer.


Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Driver 460cc Product Specs

Loft Length Lie Angle Head Size SW Hand
45 1/2" 60° 460cc D3 RH
10.5° 45 1/2" 60° 460cc D3 RH/LH
10.5° Draw 45 1/2" 60° 460cc D3 RH
12° 45 1/2" 60° 460cc D3 RH

Note: This is for your reference only and does not denote the content of the product.



Club Head Volume Club Length Headcover Wrench Interchangeable Shaft MSRP
600cc 45 1/2" Yes No No 349.99