Cobra F-MAX Hybrid 2018

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Cobra F-MAX Hybrid

Launch it higher, swing it faster and hit it farther with our F-MAX hybrid designed specifically for golfers with moderate swing speeds. Featuring Ultralight Technology, the F-MAX family brings you our lightest and easiest to hit clubs to help you achieve your best golf.

Lightweight technology built for effortless speed & distance.

Engineered for moderate swing speeds featuring ultralight construction to help you play your best.

A. Larger grips - Larger, midsize grips improve comfort and consistency with every swing.

B. Lighter shafts - Lighter shaft weights help golfers with moderate swing speeds generate more clubhead speed with less effort for maximum distance.

C. Lighter swing weights - Lighter swing weights improve comfort during the swing to help moderate swingers see improvements in launch and speed.


The F-Max Hybrids feature a forged 455 Stainless Steel face, delivering improved ball speeds on off-center hits.

Easy up and straight. More fairways & greens. Period.

Technologies designed for easy up launch and straighter ball flights.

Back/Heel CG

Weight is strategically positioned back and heelward to promote straighter, more forgiving ball flights.

Offset Hosel

An offset hosel design creates higher launch with draw bias for straighter, more accurate approach shots.

Crown alignment

A visually appealing crown alignment detail makes it easy to align the clubhead at address for straighter trajectories down the target line.


Cobra F-MAX Hybrid Product Specs

Model Loft (°) Length (") Swing weight Stock Flex Dexterity
3H 19.0 40.25 D0 S, R, Lite Right/Left
4H 22.0° 39.75" D0 S, R, Lite Right/Left
5H 25.0° 39.00" D0 S, R, Lite Right/Left
6H 28.0 38.50 D0 S, R, Lite Right/Left
7H 31.0 38.00 D0 S, R, Lite Right

Note:This is for your reference only and does not denote the content of the product.

F-MAX / COBRA SuperLite Shaft

Flex Weight (g) Kick Point Torque Tip Diameter
Stiff 67 Low-Mid Mid-High 0.370
Regular 65 Low-Mid Mid-High 0.370
Lite 63.5 Low-Mid Mid-High 0.370

F-MAX Lamkin REL Mid size Grip



Headcover Wrench Interchangeable Shaft MSRP
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