Cobra King Forged Tec One Length Custom Irons 2022

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Cobra King Forged Tec One Length Custom Irons

Engineered to deliver distance, consistency and playability in a compact muscle back shape preferred by better players.

Forged For Speed

For the first time in our player's iron, a forged pwrshell face expands the sweet zone for higher launch and faster ball speed in a compact shape.


Repeatable 7-iron setup promotes consistency throughout set.

Matching head and swing weights create consistent feel.

Fine-tuned lie angles optimize trajectories in long irons, mid irons and wedges.

Progressive shaft weighting encourages easy launch in long irons and more control in heavier wedges.

Hollow Design. Playable Distance.

A classic, muscle back shape conceals an unassuming hollow core that delivers a low center of gravity and controlled distance for maximum playability.

Foam Microspheres. Foam Infused for feel.

A hollow cavity is infused with foam microspheres that fine-tune acoustics and create a softer feel.

Tungsten Weighting . Precision With Forgiveness.

Tungsten toe weighting centers the CG behind the hitting zone to maximize distance and precision, even on off-center hits.

5 Irons
  • Hollow
  • Pwrshell
  • Tungsten
  • Foam insert
7 Irons
  • Hollow
  • Pwrshell
  • Tungsten
  • Foam insert
9 Irons
  • Hollow
  • Pwrshell
  • Foam insert
Gap Wedge
  • Hollow
  • Pwrshell
  • Foam insert
Connect and Improve with true artificial intelligence.

Every KING Forged TEC iron features an Arccos sensor seamlessly embedded in the grip. Pair your set with the Arccos Caddie app to leverage golf's richest data and make smarter decisions.

Automatic Shot Tracking

Receive real-time data for all aspects of your game.

True Club Averages

Select the right club for every shot with SMART DISTANCE insights.

Advanced Analytics

Use detailed performance breakdowns to guide equipment choices, practice & more.

Golf's Smartest Caddy

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Cobra King Forged Tec One Length Custom Iron Product Specs

Model Loft Lie Offset
(Graphite & Steel)
Standard Length
(Graphite & Steel)
Swing Weight
Swing Weight
4 21.0° 64.5° 4.4 37.50" 37.25" C9 D2 RH/LH
5 23.0° 64.0° 4.0 37.50" 37.25" C9 D2 RH/LH
6 26.0° 63.5° 3.5 37.50" 37.25" C9 D2 RH/LH
7 29.5° 63.0° 3.0 37.50" 37.25" C9 D2 RH/LH
8 34.0° 62.5° 2.6 37.50" 37.25" C9 D2 RH/LH
9 39.0° 62.0° 2.2 37.50" 37.25" C9 D2 RH/LH
PW 44.0° 61.5° 1.8 37.50" 37.25" C9 D2 RH/LH
GW 49.0° 61.5° 1.4 37.50" 37.25" C9 D2 RH/LH

Note: This is for your reference only and does not denote the content of the product.

KBS $ Taper Lite - Shaft
Model Flex Description Weight Launch Spin
KBS $ Taper Lite Stiff (4-9 iron) 105 (S) 115g Mid-High Mid-Low
KBS $ Taper Lite Stiff (PW-SW) 120 (W) 120g Low Low
KBS $ Taper Lite Regular (4-9 iron) 105 (R) 115g Mid-High Mid-Low
KBS $ Taper Lite Regular (PW-SW) 120 (W) 120g Low Low
COBRA Lamkin Crossline Connect - Blue - Grip

Cobra King Forged Tec One Length Custom Iron Shafts


Aerotech SteelFiber i110CW Steel Is the perfect transition into a lighter weight shaft which allows a player to see some good improvement in distance and vibration reduction while maintaining pinpoint accuracy and incredibly consistent distance control.


Aerotech SteelFiber i70CW Steel This iron golf shaft is offered in a wide range of flexes and can hold up to even the most demanding swings. If a player is looking for all of the swing speed they can get or they're looking to play the golf club substantially over length and want to maintain a reasonable swing weight the i70 is the right choice.


Aerotech SteelFiber i80CW Steel is available in both Taper tip and parallel tip configurations. All Taper tip models also incorporate a “Constant Weight” feature. Therefore each shaft within the set (regardless of length) weigh the same.


Aerotech SteelFiber i95CW Steel Players that are sensitive to weight reduction in their irons golf shafts choose the “Tour Winning” SteelFiber i110 so they can take advantage of the accuracy, consistency and vibration dampening of the SteelFiber shaft while maintaining a similar ball flight to a much heavier steel shaft.


Aerotech SteelFiber FC115 shafts delivers higher ball flight in the mid- and long irons while maintaining the classic SteelFiber launch in the scoring irons. Plus, like all SteelFiber shafts, the FC reduces the risk of injury, lessens aggravation of existing injuries and decreases player fatigue, all while delivering greater distance and accuracy.


Aerotech SteelFiber FC90 Progressive tip stiffness delivers higher trajectory in mid- & long irons, enhanced feel through increased shaft load.

Model Flex Weight (g) Torque Kick Point
Aerotech SteelFiber i110CW Steel R, S, X 110, 110, 110 1.9-1.5, 2.1-1.7, 1.9-1.5 -
Aerotech SteelFiber i70CW Steel A, R 74, 74 3.5, 3.3 -
Aerotech SteelFiber i80CW Steel R., S 85, 85 2.9-2.5, 2.9-2.5 -
Aerotech SteelFiber i95CW Steel R, S, X 95, 95, 95 2.4-2.0, 2.5-2.1, 2.3-1.8 -
Aerotech SteelFiber FC115 S, X 115, 115 2.8-2.3, 2.9-2.4 -
Aerotech SteelFiber FC90 R, S 90, 90 3.1-2.6, 2.9-2.4 -

COBRA FST Ultralite offers a lightweight steel shaft that helps golfers with low to moderate swing speeds generate more clubhead speed with less effort for maximum distance.


COBRA Ultralite offers a lighter shaft weight that helps golfers with low to moderate swing speeds generate more clubhead speed with less effort for maximum distance.

Model Flex Weight (g) Torque Kick Point
COBRA FST Ultralite R, S 97, 97 6.4, 6.4 Low, Low
COBRA Ultralite 45 L 55 4.6 -
COBRA Ultralite 50 R, S 55, 55 4.6, 4.6 -

KBS S-Taper Black PVD Engineered to provide superior feel while maintaining shot workability for players seeking a mid-launch and low to mid spin shaft.


KBS S-Taper Chrome provides superior feel while maintaining shot workability and tight dispersion for players seeking the ultimate tour shaft with Mid trajectory and Low Spin performance.


KBS S-Taper Lite Black provides KBS signature superior feel while maintaining shot workability and tight dispersion for players seeking the ultimate tour shaft with mid/high trajectory and low/mid spin performance in a lighter weight performance frame.


KBS S-Taper Lite Chrome shaft incorporates proven KBS performance benefits in a lighter weight design. The firm tip and soft butt produce a mid-high trajectory and controlled spin.


KBS C-Taper is designed for players requiring a low piercing trajectory and superior shot control.


KBS C-Taper Lite Inspired by Tour player feedback, the KBS C-TAPER shaft is designed for players requiring a low piercing trajectory and superior shot control.


KBS Tour 90 Steel Delivers optimum stability resulting in efficient energy transfer from the players hands to the clubhead. Perfect for club builders and players who want to customize the shaft’s effect on ball spin and ball flight.


KBS Tour Lite designed for players seeking tight dispersion, higher trajectory, additional spin, precision control, & combining it with maximum distance in the ultimate lightweight package.


KBS Tour Steel the KBS TOUR maximizes energy transfer for increased shot control. The KBS TOUR offers a smooth, responsive feel and is the preferred model by several of the best golfers in the world.


KBS Tour V Steel shaft is a slightly modified version of the the popular KBS Tour shafts. The KBS Tour V shafts are lighter than the original KBS Tour shafts and also feature a larger tube diameter to produce a mid level launch angle with lower spin for a significantly tighter shot dispersion.


KBS PGI designed for players looking for maximum steel like play-ability, shot control and performance in a graphite shaft, developed from optimized weight and stiffness, while providing exceptional feel.


KBS TGI 75 are the first graphite shaft to play like steel with optimized weight and stiffness for players to gain maximum performance.


KBS TGI 85 Designed with the same EI curve as KBS Tour in multiple weight classes fitting junior players to Tour Professionals.

Model Flex Weight (g) Torque Kick Point
KBS S-Taper Black PVD R, S 110, 120 - -
KBS S-Taper Chrome R, S, X 110, 120, 130 - -
KBS S-Taper Lite Black R, S 95, 100 - -
KBS S-Taper Lite Chrome R, S 110, 115 - -
KBS C-Taper R, S, X 110, 120, 130 - -
KBS C-Taper Lite R, S, X 105, 110, 115 - -
KBS Tour 90 Steel R, S 95, 102 - -
KBS Tour Lite R, S 105, 105 - -
KBS Tour Steel R, S, X 110, 120, 130 - -
KBS Tour V Steel R, S, X 100, 110, 120 - -
KBS PGI A, R, S 50, 60, 80 5.0, 4.5, 3.5 -
KBS TGI R, S 70, 80 3.0, 2.0 -

Mitsubishi MMT 85 utilizes a patent pending Metal Mesh Technology (MMT) to redefine the possibilities for feel and performance in a composite iron shaft.


Mitsubishi MMT 105 This improves density and stability, while also allowing for thinner overall composite wall construction. Together this yields a finely tuned, highly responsive shaft that still provides the consistent launch and spin control needed for effective iron play.

Model Flex Weight (g) Torque Kick Point
Mitsubishi MMT 85 R, S 84, 88 3.3, 3.2 Mid, Mid
Mitsubishi MMT 105 S, TX 105, 113 2.8, 2.8 Mid, Mid/High

Nippon NS Pro 950 GH It features exceptional weight balance and control, with ultra-lightweight design comparable to graphite that makes it easier than ever to swing. And the use of new NSGS8665V alloy co-developed and patented with Nisshin Steel helped creaye a revolutionary combination of strength and weight balance.


Nippon NS Pro Modus 3 Tour 105 This magical marriage of “soft” and “hard” in the same shaft provides a combination of distance and accuracy that millions of golfers around the globe – including more than 100 touring professionals – have found difficult to resist.


Nippon NS Pro Modus 3 Tour 120 Softer butt section with a longer stiffer tip section to help create a softer feel while keeping controllability.


Nippon NS Pro Modus 3 Tour 130 most challenging professional courses can be attacked from setup to finish with confidence, thanks to the optimized trajectory, distance and direction. This outstanding shaft enables true power shots with pin-point accuracy in all conditions.

Model Flex Weight (g) Torque Kick Point
Nippon NS Pro 950 GH R., S 94.5, 98 2.0, 1.8 Mid, Mid
Nippon NS Pro Modus 3 Tour 105 R, S, X 103, 106.5, 112 1.9, 1.7, 1.6 Grip, Grip, Grip, Grip
Nippon NS Pro Modus 3 Tour 120 S, X 114, 120 - -
Nippon NS Pro Modus 3 Tour 130 S, X 124, 129 - -
Project X

Project X deliver penetrating trajectory and ball flight and strike the perfect balance of unrivaled distance, stability and control for golf’s most serious players.


Project X Catalyst 80 engineered to replicate steel alloy properties over 100% better than traditional graphite laminates. This allows for an extremely stable shaft that maximizes constancy and distance control while providing the benefits of a graphite body design.


Project X IO ideal for players who love the stability of Project X but need an easier to load shaft profile and are looking for a lighter weight option.


Project X LS the next evolution of the original Project X. It features an ultra-stable and stiff design that minimizes spin while providing a tight feel to keep up with even the strongest swingers on Tour.


Project X LZ Steel features proprietary Loading Zone Technology which produces maximum shaft load during the downswing for 7% greater energy transfer to the ball at impact for more distance.

Model Flex Weight (g) Torque Kick Point
Project X 5.5, 6.0, 6.5 115, 120, 125 - -
Project X Catalyst 80 6.0, 6.5 85, 85 3.5, 3.5 -
Project X IO 5.5, 6.0, 6.5 105, 110, 115 - -
Project X LS 6.0, 6.5, 7.0 120, 125, 130 - -
Project X LZ Steel 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5 110, 115, 120, 125 - -
True Temper

TT Dynamic Gold 105 allows for the control and accuracy expected from the Dynamic Gold brand while adding distance due to increased clubhead speed.


TT Dynamic Gold 120 shaft delivers the tour-caliber accuracy of Dynamic Gold in a lighter weight steel shaft. Stronger players will experience a similar profile and launch as Dynamic Gold in a shaft that is easier to swing.


TT Dynamic Gold AMT AMT stands for Ascending Mass Technology, which means the steel shaft's weight increases in 3 gram increments from the 3-iron to PW, while the balance point is adjusted so that the swing weight is consistent to standard Dynamic Gold throughout the set.


TT Dynamic Gold AMT White-Black PVD allows for increased speed and launch from the lightweight long irons and superior control and precision from the midweight scoring clubs.


TT Dynamic Gold Steel The Dynamic Gold Family is the Gold Standard by which all other shafts are measured. Dynamic Gold uses Variable Wall Technology and a tour-proven step pattern to provide exceptional performance for serious golfers.


TT Dynamic Gold Tour Issue have a Tour Only weight tolerance of +/- .5 grams for custom precision fitting. The Dynamic Gold Tour Issue golf shafts are available in sets of eight (3-PW) and in S400 and X100 flexes, .355 only.


TT Elevate 95 features our proprietary Vibration Suppression System (VSS) technology, which reduces 71% of unwanted shaft vibrations—producing the softest feel in golf.


TT Dynamic Gold X7 are the newest addition to the Dynamic Gold family. Based on the tour-proven design of Dynamic Gold, the new X7 shaft is extremely low-launching and low-spinning. Dynamic Gold X7 is the irons shaft of choice for today’s stronger, faster swingers who are seeking a low ball flight.

Model Flex Weight (g) Torque Kick Point
TT Dynamic Gold 105 R300, S300, X100 101, 103, 105 - -
TT Dynamic Gold 120 R300, S300, X100 116, 118, 120 - -
TT Dynamic Gold AMT R, S, X 102-127, 112-130, 106-130 - -
TT Dynamic Gold AMT White-Black PVD R300 94-115 - -
TT Dynamic Gold Steel R300, S300, S400, X100 127, 130, 132, 130 - -
TT Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400, X100 132, 130 - -
TT Elevate 95 R, S 96, 98 - -
TT Dynamic Gold X7 X7 133 - -

UST Recoil ESX 460 A stiffer mid and butt produce better shot control while a softer tip improves feel and trajectory.


UST Mamiya Recoil 110 With UST Mamiya’s exclusive Recoil™ technology, we have brought feel back into the shaft, while allowing players to hit a wide range of shots that result in better distance control and pin seeking accuracy.


UST Mamiya Recoil 95 golfers looking for great feel, Tour control and Stability in a lightweight design.

Model Flex Weight (g) Torque Kick Point
UST Recoil ESX 460 A, R, S 69, 64, 67 4.8, 4.7, 4.6 Low/Mid, Low/Mid, Low/Mid
UST Mamiya Recoil 110 S, X 105, 107 3.8, 3.6 -
UST Mamiya Recoil 95 R, S, X 90, 90, - 4.1, 4.1, - -

Cobra King Forged Tec One Length Custom Iron Grips

Model Image
Cobra - Lamkin - Crossline Connect - Black
Cobra Lamkin X-Line 360 Connect - Black/White
Golf Pride
Model Image
Golf Pride - CP2 Pro
Golf Pride - CP2 Wrap
Golf Pride - MCC Align Plus 4 - Gray/Black
Golf Pride - MCC Plus 4 - Gray
Golf Pride - MCC Plus 4 Connect - Gray
Golf Pride - MultiCompound - Black/Black
Golf Pride - MultiCompound - Black/White
Golf Pride - Tour Velvet Full Cord - Black
Golf Pride - Tour Velvet - Black
Golf Pride - Tour Velvet ALIGN Connect - Black
Golf Pride - Tour Velvet ALIGN - Black/Red
Golf Pride - Tour Velvet Connect - Black
Golf Pride - Tour Velvet Plus4 - Black
Golf Pride - Tour Wrap 2G - Black
Golf Pride - Tour Wrap 2G - White
Jumbo Max
Model Image
Jumbo Max - Tour Series - Black
Jumbo Max - Tour Series - Red/White/Blue
Jumbo Max - Ultralite
Model Image
Lamkin - Ace Crossline - Black - Std
Lamkin - Ace Crossline Cord - Black - Std
Lamkin - Crossline - Black/Black
Lamkin Crossline - Black - Womens
Lamkin - Crossline 360 - Black/Black
Lamkin - Sonar - Black - Undersize
Lamkin - Sonar - Black
Lamkin - Sonar Wrap - Black
Lamkin - Sonar Wrap Connect - Black/Blue
Lamkin - ST 2 Hybrid - Black
Lamkin - ST 2 Hybrid Calibrate - Black
Lamkin - X-Line Cord Connect - Black/White
Model Image
Winn - Dritac 2.0 - Black
Winn - Dritac 2.0 - Black - Womens
Winn - Dritac 2.0 - Black - Midsize
Winn - Dritac 2.0 - Black - Oversize


Construction Iron Back MSRP
Forged Muscle Back $171.28
TEL: 1 (909) 771-1111