Cobra King Snakebite Chrome Wedge 2023

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Cobra King Snakebite Chrome Wedge

The SNAKEBITE Wedge features our most aggressive grooves to date designed to maximize spin, while a versatile notch design delivers versatile shot-making around the greens.

Bite Hard

Designed with our most aggressive groove to date, SNAKEBITE Wedges deliver superior control and the BITE your game has been missing.

Snakebite Grooves. More Spin

Maximize spin and performance in any conditions with the ultra-precise CNC Milled SNAKEBITE grooves that are 11% deeper and feature 40% sharper edges.

Top Notch Versatility

Overcome the most daunting lies with a versatile notch design that moves our classic COBRA notch towards the heel (58° & 60°) for improved clubhead delivery through any turf or sand conditions.

Superior Spin Performance

SNAKEBITE Wedges feature full face grooves that provide superior spin performance on those shots that live out on the toe. (Only available in 56,58,60 degree options)

A Smarter Way to Improve Your Game

With the purchase of any COBRA club, you are eligible for free Arccos Smart Sensors to equip your set, and a free trial of the award-winning Arccos Caddie app.


An ultra precise CNC milled groove uses sharper edges and a larger groove volume to deliver maximum spin.


A new face milling pattern produces 50% more spin in wet conditions than the previous generation wedge.

FULL FACE GROOVES (56, 58, 60)

Full face grooves on the 56, 58, and 60 degree lofts provides maximum spin performance on shots with an open face.


The "versatile" grind features toe, heel and trailing edge relief, the "classic" grind features a progressive sole width from heel to toe, and the "widelow" grind features a wide sole with reduced bounce.


A notch design enhances versatility by enabling the leading edge to sit flush with the turf on open shots. The notch is center-aligned on the 48-56 degree lofts and more heelward on the 58-60 degree lofts.

Grind Options
Versatile Grind

Heel and toe relief provides versatility to play shots with an open face, while a center notch keeps the leading edge closer to the ground without adding effective bounce.


Swing Type: Shallow/Neutral/Digger
Turf Conditions: Medium/Firm

Widelow Grind

A wide, low bounce sole works its magic out of soft bunkers and medium rough, preventing the leading edge from digging.


Swing Type: Neutral/Digger
Turf Conditions: Soft/Medium

Classic Grind

A medium-width sole with high bounce and trailing edge relief works well for neutral to steeper swings and a variety of course conditions. With minimal heel and toe relief this grind is best suited for full swing and longer pitch shots.


Swing Type: Neutral/Digger
Turf Conditions: Soft/Medium/Firm

Cobra King Snakebite Chrome Wedge Product Specs

Loft Bounce Grind Lie Gripped Length Swing Weight Stock Flex RH/LH
48° Versatile 64.0° 35.75" D2 S RH
50° Versatile 64.0° 35.75" D2 S RH
52° Versatile 64.0° 35.75" D3 S RH/LH
52° 12° Classic 64.0° 35.75" D3 S RH
54° 10° Versatile 64.0° 35.50" D4 S RH
56° Widelow 64.0° 35.50" D4 S RH
56° 10° Versatile 64.0° 35.50" D4 S RH/LH
56° 12° Classic 64.0° 35.50" D4 S RH
58° Widelow 64.0° 35.25" D4 S RH
58° Versatile 64.0° 35.25" D4 S RH
60° Widelow 64.0° 35.25" D4 S RH
60° Versatile 64.0° 35.25" D4 S RH/LH
60° 11° Classic 64.0° 35.25" D4 S RH

Note: this is for your reference only and does not denote the content of the product.

KBS Hi-REV 2.0 Wedge - Shaft
Model Flex Shaft Weight Kick Point Trajectory Spin Tip Diameter
KBS Hi-REV 2.0 Wedge (125G) Stiff 125g High Low Low 0.355
Lamkin Crossline (58R) - Grip


Construction Finish MSRP
Cast Chrome $159.00
TEL: 1 (909) 771-1111