Cobra RADSpeed XD Driver 460cc 2021

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Cobra RADSpeed XD Driver 460cc

The RADSPEED XD (XTREME Draw) Driver features a slightly oversized profile at address (460c) and 10 grams of heel-biased internal RADIAL WEIGHTING to deliver the fastest and straightest ball flight with maximum slice-fighting power.


By increasing the distance between the front and back weights, we are able to create faster ball speed while maintaining forgiveness. A perfect balance of front and back RADIAL WEIGHTING delivers low spin for enhanced speed with maximum stability.


Extreme draw weighting - The RADSPEED XD driver features a 10g weight positioned in the heel to enable easier face closure for straighter, more draw biased drives.

Back weighting - 14g is positioned positioned in the back for extreme forgiveness on off-center hits.

Front weighting - An additional 8g of fixed weight is positioned in the front to lower spin for the longest and fastest ball flights in a draw-biased driver.


Cnc milled infinity face - An infinity edge face design expands the milled area by 95%, increasing the zone of maximum ball speed.

Thin-ply carbon wrap crown - A lighter carbon wrap crown design features a new carbon fiber material that is 30% thinner which creates another 6 grams of discretionary weight that can be repositioned to optimize performance.

T-bar speed chassis - A refined t-bar speed chassis design is 7 grams lighter, giving us even more discretionary weight to position more mass forward within the frame to decrease spin and increase ball speed.


Radspeed driver Handicap range: 0-15
The radspeed driver features a traditional (460cc) shape and forward-biased radial weighting in addition to front to back movable weight technology to deliver the fastest ball speeds, lowest spin, and the most workability of the three models.

Radspeed xb driver Handicap range: 5-15
The radspeed xb (xtreme back) driver features an oversized (460cc) shape and back-biased radial weighting to deliver the longest and most forgiving ball flight with low spin.

Radspeed xd driver Handicap range: 5-25
The radspeed xd (xtreme draw) driver features an oversized (460c) shape and heel-biased internal radial weighting to deliver the fastest and straightest ball flight with maximum slice-fighting power.

Shot Trajectory
Spin: ultra-low
Launch: lowest
Performance: fastest ball speeds; most workable
Radspeed xd
Spin: mid
Launch: mid to high
Performance: draw bias for the straightest drives
Radspeed xb
Spin: low
Launch: highest
Performance: longest and most forgiving

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Cobra RADSpeed XD Driver 460cc Product Specs

Club loft Loft settings -1.5° / -1.0° / -1.0° draw / std° / std° draw / +1.0° / +1.0° draw / +1.5° Lie angle Adjustability Length with cobra connect Length with standard grip Swing weight Stock flex RH/LH
10.5° 9.0° / 9.5° / 9.5° Draw / 10.5° / 10.5° Draw / 11.5° / 11.5° Draw / 12.0° 58.50° Fixed Back 46.00" 45.75" F3: D3.5 Riptide: D2.5(Lite), D1.5 (R) S, R, Lite RH/LH
12° 10.5° / 11.0° / 11.0° Draw / 12.0° / 12.0° Draw / 13.0° / 13.0° Draw / 13.5° 59.50° Fixed Back 46.00" 45.75" Riptide: D2.5(Lite), D1.5 (R) R, Lite RH/LH

Note: this is for your reference only and does not denote the content of the product.

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Lamkin Crossline (58+) Cobra Connect - Black


ClubHead Volume Club Length Headcover Wrench Interchangeable Shaft MSRP
460cc 45.75" Yes Yes Yes $449.00
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