ECCO Golf Shoes

About ECCO

ECCO Shoes Lymington is a family business with over 30 years of experience in the footwear business. Operating from our base in Lymington, we are part of a much bigger global ECCO family. ECCO has a simple philosophy when it comes to designing shoes: ECCO believes that shoes should be made to fit your feet. Putting this principle at the heart of ECCO design, applying the latest innovations and refusing to compromise on quality has made ECCO the successful shoemakers they are today and a brand that consumers can trust.
All this is possible because of ECCO’s unique approach to owning and controlling the entire process of what happens to your ECCO shoes before you wear them. ECCO designs, manufactures and retails your ECCO shoes to ensure ECCO quality and passion is applied every step of the way.



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