Fourteen CT-518 Driver 450cc 2019

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Fourteen CT-518 Driver 450cc

By raising the MOI with a shallow face design, we optimized the center of gravity and launch conditions, allowing you to hit the longer and straighter drives.

The ball flies straight Secret 1

Developing a head volume of 430cm3 (approx.) combined with a streamlined shallow head design results in a increased sweet spot. This enables you to have controllable off center hits and still maintain accuracy and distance

The ball flies straight: Secret 2

MOI…..pushing the limits of MOI, reduces the desire of the face to twist and mis align in off center strikes. The club’s shallow head design combined with a high MOI, produces shots that fly straight and long.

The ball flies straight: Secret 3

CT-518 is positioned an optimized center of gravity in design, these settings achieve a square impact even if CT-518 is designed the wide shallow head.

CT-518 Height Distance Depth Moment of inertia
22.5 mm 41.5 mm 37 mm 4400 g/cm2
10.5° 20.5 mm 44 mm 39 mm 4550 g/cm2
11.5° 19.5 mm 43 mm 38 mm 4250 g/cm2

Fourteen CT-518 Driver 450cc Product Specs

Loft Lie Volume Length (inches) Club weight (S.W.)
S SR R Ladies length (inches) L
58° 445cm³ 47.75 298g (D6) 295g (D6) - - -
46 295g (D6) 295g (D0) - - -
10.5° 58° 450cm³ 47.75 298g (D6) 295g (D6) 291g (D5) - -
46 295g (D6) 295g (D0) 291g (C9) - -
11.5° 58° 415cm³ 47.75 - - 291g (D5) 46.75 278g (D2)
46 - - 291g (C9) 45 278g (C6)

Note: This is for your reference only and does not denote the content of the product.

The ball flies straight: Secret 4

Fourteen Golf developed the proprietary FT-15d shaft, working closely with Mitsubishi Chemical to design a shaft that which produces the optimal torque and weight combination to yield long and straight drives. The highly elastic material used in the grip area is painstakingly designed according to each level of flex, creating a smooth transition and more clubface control. Its muscular, low-resin Mitsubishi Chemical carbon material has an increased fiber volume ratio, and is tailored to each level of flex, producing a very consistent flex pattern and shot making capabilities.

FT-15f Shaft weight Torque
S 53 g 4.5
SR 50 g 5.9
R 43 g 5.8
L 41 g 6.8


ClubHead Volume Club Length Headcover Wrench Interchangeable Shaft MSRP
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